Thursday, August 18, 2011

How Stella Got her Groove Back

 I decided to start this new blog venture off with a bang. What bigger bang is there than the potential to ruin your entire kitchen cabinets I ask you?? I say, go big or go home.
 So here are a bunch of "before" shots. Don't be thinking I finished my kitchen makeover. Oh boy, not even. But I got a HUGE start on it today and I'm feeling pretty proud. I worked dang hard, and Maddy watched The Chipmunk movie and Rio about fifteen times. But it will all be worth it. I hope.
 This is all documentation.
 So that when I do some fabulous reveal of the new and improved kitchen
 you will be struck with awe
 and amazement
 and shower me with compliments
 and gold coins
 or things of that nature.
 This is our old dirty looking linoleum floor. This too shall be magically updated.
 These were all removed by me.
 Oh, sneak peak on the new floor to come. Oh boy am I ever ambitious.
 Just taking down all of the cabinet doors (uppers only, I'm doing this in stages so as to not kill myself) was a huge undertaking. Hey, it was just me, so...yeah, I'm a wimp.

 The lone little cabinet full o' spices.
 I'm going to do something very special to these holes. Ok you guessed it, I'm going to fill them in. Spoil sport.
 My fancy cabinet chart. Written on Miss M's preschool handwriting paper. Hope she doesn't see that or I'm in big trouble.
 Progress!! Okay, you like how that first coat of paint magically appeared?? It only took me taking down the cabinets and bagging the screws, taking off all of the hinges and bagging those,  scrubbing the cabinets doors and cabinet boxes with soap and water, scrubbing everything again with a deglosser and towel drying them, then taping everything and putting on a first coat. I'm seriously exhausted. Only about three to four more coats (that includes top coat) to go. Then we start on the bottom cabinets....(want to hear a surprise, it's going to be a different color than the top cabinets! I'm not telling what color yet....)
 The tops are going to be a creamy white. We are using the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation kits, so we got to skip the sanding and I am SO GLAD because I never would have tackled this project if I had to sand.
 Does that look like the face of someone that would sand? I think not. That doesn't even look like the face of someone that brushes their hair. I was listening to some tunes while giving the cabinets their first coat tonight.
And him? He was no help at all.

I cannot wait until the kitchen is finished. John and I can already tell a huge difference and we are super excited. Also on the docket is some crown molding on the tops of the cabinets, possibly some corbels underneath, and a whole lot of sweating.

Oh yeah, and don't you love how I started this project a few days before I leave on vacation. It's okay, I'm getting my groove back.  :)


Katie Browning said...

I could never be the woman that you are.

Jodi & Chris Reeve said...

Way to go Jenn!

Missy said...

Ok. I'm jealous! I've been wanting to paint my cabinets for a long time but heard what a pain they are so I didn't want to do it myself. You are brave! I can't wait to see the end result!

Amy said...

You are no wimp! More like ambitious and amazing! I can't wait to see the final product. Are you sure you don't want to come and have a working vacation here? I could use some of your mad skillz!

RaeLynn said...

I swear, you are the busiest person I know. ALWAYS working on something bigger and better. You inspire me!

Lindy said...

Looking good! I know how you love a white kitchen!! I'm glad you are getting your groove back. I'm beginning to wonder if I ever had one.

Tara, Doug, Isaac, and Lucy said...

Okay, I forgive you for not getting back to me because you went on vacation. I still want the blog invite, por favor:)

Carrie said...

Holding my breath for the 'after' pictures =D