Thursday, September 22, 2011

I just can't sleep

I know I'm going to pay for this post tomorrow for not forcing myself to sleep, but I tossed and turned forever and thought that maybe if I typed some of my thoughts out that I might be able to finally rest. I don't even want to talk about John's doctor appointments today. They did not go as planned (ha well as planned by me anyway) and I am feeling frustrated and too stressed out about that to talk about it again.

Instead I want to talk about my beach vacation. It was amazing. I haven't talked about it or posted pictures because I wanted to get everything looking so great, but let's be real here, that's not going to happen for a while the way things are going around here ha! Instead I'll just reminisce outloud.

My favorite parts of the trip down to Hilton Head are too numerous to name. I was SO happy that Mom and Gordon came with us. Not only were they lifesavers when John ended up being really sick during the vacation (and spent most of the time resting in the room or going to the doctors), but they were also so fun to be with. The thing I loved about vacationing with them is that they didn't have any expectations going into the vacation about what they wanted to do or see. Our whole purpose (and theirs) was just to simply relax and go with the flow. So everyday we just did what we thought sounded good that day, no stress. It was amazing. 
 So not a one of these pictures is edited except for changing some to black and white for fun.
 This picture cracked me up, Grandma and Grandpa taking pictures of adorable Grant.

 You'd think she rode and won the Kentucky Derby with the number of pictures I took of her first pony ride. She's such a huge horse fan I had to take this many.

 Her pony's name was Apache. Though he would be dubbed far greater names in later retellings of the story by Maddy herself. To her, he will always be a noble steed. Not a tiny ragamuffin pony.

Most days we woke up, got everyone in their suits and sunscreenn, loaded up the beach cart and then walked straight from our hotelto the beach. It was a short walk, hallelujah! We then played on the beach for a few hours, searching for tiny crabs and seashells and then we usually loaded up our stuff and walked a few steps to the hotel where we rinsed off outside and then sat by the pool! We ordered lunch by the pool several days, and you better believe that I ordered a fruity drink every single day by the pool. It was my splurge. Maddy would eat on the go and then jump right back into the pool. The adults took turns swimming with her and sitting on the beach chairs relaxing. It was heaven.
 That's me, keeping it real with my swimsuit on. Ow ow!
 Grant on the beach playing with my keys.
 Grant after he takes a big ol' handful of sand and shoves it in his mouth while I wasn't looking. Great parenting at it's finest. He enjoyed it as you can see.
 Grandpa G. listening to some books from his Ipad by the pool
 Mom ordered the "cookies and cream monster" and then couldn't figure out why it was blue. Cookie monster mom....coooookie monster. Then she got it and cracked up. I crack up just looking at Gordon shoving his cone into the picture too. These two are so fun to hang out with.

One day we went to a stable and took Maddy on her first pony ride. We also went to a lighthouse and for an ice cream cone at the Salty Dog. But most of all, we relaxed. It was so so so nice. I am already figuring out how to get more of my siblings to come next year because it is such a great place to vacation with kids. The weather was perfect for us and the waves were great for little kids. Plus, since we got our rooms on priceline, the vacation was actually pretty cheap since we were only about two hours away driving distance. Even with poor John being sick, he said he had a great time too and was surprised how much he enjoyed going to the beach. He's usually a die-hard Disney fan that doesn't want to vacation anywhere else. I think I convinced him that this is about five hundred percent better (although you know we still love disney, just not for the official vacations every single year).
 The pool at night.
 It was right on the beach. Sigh, so nice. :)
 Trying to be a good sport despite being sick.
 Maddy giving him some love because she missed him while he was at the hospital getting tests done. Poor John.

 These are dark, sorry, but there we are, a happy family. Mom snapped these.
 Well, I snapped this one. It was getting kinda dark by the time we remembered to take photos.
 I love the look of adoration on Grant's face in this one. That is how he stares at Maddy ALL day. He is so in love with her. She gets embarrassed by the attention and tries to ignore him lol!
 My sweet boy. Oh how I love him.
The cute parents. Also dark, sorry!

So yeah, I have lots of pictures, so here's a few for now and I'll post more later. (aka the pretty ones that I edit)

also on my list to tell you about? John's Mom flying out to help us during "the surgery" (that never happened and may still happen in the future ugh) and visiting Cypress Gardens (recommended by a good friend and absolutely a treasure!!). I saw lots of alligators, lots of butterflies in the butterfly house, and Maddy and Grant had a great time. I also need to tell you how I recovered a roman shade for my kitchen, made a knock-off horse weathervane statue thing out of foam core board, and remind me to tell you how I almost killed someone with a piece of flying crown molding. Maybe we should forget that last one....

But mostly, is anyone out there still reading? Did I lose everyone in this, the twentieth move of my blog? I know my friends are making fun of me in their heads, and I know I'm pretty loser-ish for moving my blog again, but someone out there still loves me and my wordy posts right? (kendra, don't make fun of the wordy part....) :)


Kelly said...

You should be restless more often! I love having a blog to read first thing in the morning!!! The pictures were awesome! Maddy is so big and beautiful. The first family picture of you guys is gorgeous, I'd like one for my fridge, and the one of mom and Gordon is so NICE!!! Oh and the ones of baby grant, he seriously is the most beautiful boy I've ever seen! Pretty much an awesome post!

Robin said...

Aww.. we went to that petting zoo too! We knew people who lived in Sea Pines and gave us a pass. The girls loved the pony rides. I hope the deer was still there, cause she was the best part. I'm glad you had fun there. We loved living there for three years and I totally want to go back!

Politics in the Pod Gal said...

Can I come on vacation with you guys? I can be fun and chill too, I promise! I loved the family pictures! So awesome - you look great! There's a letter coming you way. Love,


luvnmy10 said...

One of my favorite posts, I want to come and relax on the beach. Beach vacations are my favorite. Love the family picture, little miss on her noble steed is priceless, little prince charming showing off his killer eyes in the sand and the one of your mom and Gordon, love that picture. Good for you all to have that time together. Give me a call sometime, I would live to chat and catch up. : )

Amy said...

Still here and loving every minute! I agree that beach vacations are the best. You are making me sad we couldn't go this year. Thanks for still writing through all the hard times. Jeff and I love having a small connection to your lives.

Carrie said...

The pictures were great and a great way to remember the fun time we had :-)

maugers said...

Good thing I read till the end! This comment would've been totally different :) That trip looks awesome, and John is a total trooper for being sick on a trip and still smiling! Good luck with everything, great pictures :)

Lori said...

I love those pics of Maddy on the horse. Is she asking for a pony yet? ;) I love that black and white shirt. And Grant is soooo cute, and I know you've heard it before but his eyes are so striking! I'm glad you guys had a great vacation. How's that kitchen coming along?

Valerie said...

Grant sitting on the beach looks so big and adorable! I love that he looks a like Maddy when she was a baby but in boy form. :) I'm crossing my fingers that things work out soon for John's health stuff to get taken care of- once this is all behind you, you need another vacation!

the emily said...

Wow, what an awesome trip--except for the hospital. Hospital on vacation is a BIG FAT NO.