Thursday, September 29, 2011

pictures with heeelarious commentary (or something)

I don't trust myself to blog these days, so I'll let the pictures do their own talking. These are the rest of the photos from our visit to Cypress Gardens, the coolest alligator place ever.

 bullet pops make everything better
babies make everything cuter

Maddy has an obsession with the movie Rio. This is Rio (what she calls the main character bird who is actually named Blue)

 we took a boat road with our guide named Cowboy

 if you take my picture, I'll take yours lady
 Grandma and Maddy

 We had to duck to get under these, Well everyone except for Grant
 then I peed my pants, thus a blurry photo
they were literally this close to us. it freaked me out.

I told my Mother-in-law this would not be used to blackmail purposes. I hope she doesn't consider posting it on my public blog blackmail purposes
No really, don't touch the duck, punk
ah, a caterpillar!
a crazy looking flower
the infamous duck. he's so famous, he INfamous
Okay, I never promised to not use this one for blackmail hahahaha Jane was amazed by the butterfly house :)

Can you spot the butterfly flying in this one? I thought it looked so cool
no butterflies were harmed in the filming of this picture

bees! Maddy also asked me today, how do bees smell the flowers mommy? I'm not really sure, I bet Grandpa Gordon the beekeeper knows, we'll ask him
We found a secret stash of eggs.
It is surprisingly hard to get a picture of a butterfly I'll have you know

she's so cute.
we made her put her face into every single one of these

then she started thinking she had to stick her face into everything for a picture
i love this picture

don't be jealous, but those shoes light up

we'll SEE you next time.


maugers said...

First, I LOVE the alligator picture where it's biting Maddy's head :) so funny! also I'm glad you found out what was wrong with John (well, the doctors helped :) But, I think it's crazy that you have an old person's disease and John has a baby disease... does that mean that you guys were totally made for each other or what? Well, I hope everything goes great and your house is perfect for the holidays :)

the emily said...

I was definitely in the wrong place. How did I not know about this one? Weird. That looks like the funnest place! That alligator (crocodile?) is AWESOME. My kid were stoke to see that. Also, we're wearing the same shirt. Well, you were that day (I'm wearing it today).

Lori said...

Maddy looks like a who from who'sville in the one of her on the wooden chair. And Grant is starting to look much bigger and as always super adorable. I'm glad that your MIL can come help you guys out again. I just love getting help! Good luck with the surgery. Spence just got his gallbladder out and he was tired and lacked some energy for about two to three days but he's stubborn and he said he was recovered by day 4. I think it's all in his head :)

Jodi & Chris Reeve said...

Jenn, hang in there! I think I have come to the conclusion that the most righteous are the most tried, so you have to be pretty high up there! Seriously, I love your thoughts on the other blog, it reminded me of tough times in Honduras and when I am down I try to think of everything I do have, it always makes me feel better about the bad.

luvnmy10 said...

Sooo cute. What a fun place to visit. You are always doing cool stuff. So jealous! No blackmailing grandmas--now that I am one, I just have to say...

Kelly said...

Look this post was so worth posting.. comments galore! I really liked the pictures also. Maddy looks like you and John! Grant is just a cuttie! I laughed so hard with the picture of her putting her head in the stroller! That is awesome! oh so funny!

JosephSavage said...

Seeing all the photos of Maddy makes me want to come visit soon and stay for longer this time!

Gabrielle said...

the alligator would have made me pee too!

Tara, Doug, Isaac, and Lucy said...

Jenn, this is officially my last time asking to be re-invited to your purging blog. I cleared my cache and history for school, so there is no way on earth that I will ever remember your other blog's name, or discover it in my history. That said, you used "it's" instead of "its" on the right hand of your blog. That's what I'm paid the big bucks to know. And your little Maddie is getting to be such a big girl--I've been having a mild heart attack realizing that Lucy should be in 4T clothing now. She's as big as all of the kids in Isaac's preschool (and he's a head taller than all of them).

Stephie said...

this looks like such a fun trip!!! also, i havent been on your blog in a long time because i didnt realize you made a new one, but I LOVE IT! keep posting!