Sunday, September 11, 2011

a post of epic proportions (as in, get cozy, it's a doozy)

First some befores. I have several because I change things way too much. This room bothered me more than any other room in the house. That's why it hasn't stayed the same in case you were wondering. It may stay the same for a while now because I really like it. It's kinda bold which is not usual for me.

Stage 1 of many

Stage two, but then we moved this table into the other other room to make a formal dining room.

Then I bought a table set like this on Craigslist a while ago for super dirt cheap. It was pretty hideous and badly painted (you could still see a  line of Hunter Green (Remember when that was a popular decorating color???) around the table base where they didn't bother to spray paint up all the way ha! I knew I was going to paint it when I bought it, but I didn't get around to it until recently when I painted the kitchen cabinets and the paint was so easy to use that I just used the same paint on this table.

Voila. White table top. No more hunter green stripe. Oh and I might have gotten some chairs too. My other craigslist find. Amazing. Here was my inspiration photo that made me buy these chairs for ten bucks a piece,  Anyway, the inspiration photo:
I probably shouldn't have shown it to you before my pictures because they will look pitiful in comparison, but I just loved these chairs. I was looking on craigslist for something else and came across these vintage beauties and could see similar lines:

The chair seats crumbled when you touched them, so they were in rough shape, but I knew I could make them shine. I was super nervous to try my idea of the bright cherry red paint, but I decided life was too short to worry about such dumb stuff. You can always repaint my friends.
Here you can see where the flooring project lost it's short life. We'll bring it back soon I hope.
I used Rustoleum Enamel spray paint accidentally. I thought it was "normal" spray paint, but enamel is much stranger and more wonderfuller. :) It has a super shiny and expensive looking finish. It does take longer to cure and my garage was covered in red paint even though I covered the floor with a drop cloth (and the dog's fur turned pink and it hasn't come back to normal despite multiple washings). But still, awesome paint. Spectacular finish.

And I recovered the crumbling seats obviously. I decided to kinda do a slight nod to the beach cottage thing since we live close to a beach and pops of red next to my kitchen which, surprise ruined, has blue gray bottom cabinets now, just seemed kinda nautical and beachy. Hence the red stripe beachy fabric. It has been copiously treated with fabric treating stuff. I use technical words with ease folks.
This next thing was my other project. Because obviously with everything else going on I needed SOMETHING else to do. It's a sickness. 

You probably saw the finished product in the background of the above photos. It was in someone's trash on the curb. As you know, broken/missing drawers never stop me anymore. It's all about baskets to fix that problem. This was my plan until I realized that the top space you see above was really tiny and would possibly look weird with baskets. So I took a little electric saw and got all Home Improvement on it and cut out the middle partition to make the shelf below it taller.

 Anyway, you may not be able to tell but the piece is also laminate. So I used my same kitchen paint that works on laminate and painted it out. I also added beadboard to the back to echo my kitchen cabinets (and so I would have to paint less stuff, let's be honest here).
 And with the magic of hours of work and slaving, you have the makeover right before your eyes.

 These are the same drawer pulls that I used in the kitchen you have not yet seen. I did a fairly poor job of filling in the previous holes, but I was in a hurry and the piece is laminte so it's not the easiest thing to fill in/sand down, so I'm giving myself a big old break.
Then I did my favorite part, which is to put pretty stuff on the shelves. Like a bread basket.
and other cool stuff I own. The juicer was a going-away gift from my sister. How awesome is that?? I have always wanted to display it, and now I can! Bowls are plastic from Target. If you want to know where I got other stuff let me know. (ha, see the tag hanging off the basket, classic...)

I changed out the curtains because they were bugging me. I remembered I had these from years and years ago in our bedroom. They are an old sheet from the thrift store. Don't look too closely or you'll realize that's what they are and you won't be impressed.

That's the pattern.
So thar she blows mateys. I'm not done decorating the top of the new-to-me armoire thing there. I put up a computer printed picture from our beach vacation just to see how I would like it and I took down some plates that I might replace elsewhere. I also ordered this to hang somewhere:
Okay, with the crab, I think I'm officially over the edge of subtle. But I liked all of the colors in it.

And then I saw this bowl at Ross and had to get it just so there was some red in the kitchen. So there's a sneak peek for you.

 And one last look at the whole scene. What do you think? Is the red too much? Can you believe I shoved a shelf into that little corner? Don't you think it makes it look more layered and cute that way?

and lastly Maddy made me take her "photograph" as she called it.  I love my kids so much.
Okay, one last picture, the one that I had up on the top of the armoire thing that I'm trying to decide whether I should put it up there. Here's that picture so you can see it.
This picture is pure happiness.


Carrie said...

First off...LOVE the kids beach picture! Pure adorableness!!

The red chairs or way too cute! They are just too stinking fun =D You clever thing you...loved the redo of the dresser and everything on it. It's fun to see the pop of color. I like the striped fabric you used. Very very nice!

Thanks for sharing.

And hang there...unfortunately you are learning another fine lesson in patience. I learned a long time ago to quite praying for patience because He gave me lot's of experiences in order to learn it on my own! You have been in the midst of the refiners fire this last year or two. I hope they find something soon to put you both out of your miseries :o)

Melanie and Jared said...

LOVE the new decorating! I think the red chairs are perfect. A brave move that paid off. I don't think it's too bold. Also, I love the picture. Why wouldn't you want that in your room? Also, I want to see this kitchen! But, I will wait for the floors I guess! I am excited, I think this will be an amazing kitchen. Then, I'm sure you will get to moving right after you finish it.

Tara, Doug, Isaac, and Lucy said...

I love it all. The only thing that is a little disturbing to me is the fence behind Maddie. The wire reminds me of barbed wire, and I feel like your kids are threatened. The sand relaxes me, but that is the first thought that popped into my head. I am so impressed with your decorating and saw use. You are a super hero, and you and John are in my prayers. His sickness has got to make work even more stressful.

Anne said...

Love the beach pic! Dresser looks great too. Maybe I should have you give me some ideas for our kitchen. We were just commenting the other day how there is nothing in there except a table. Can't wait to see the finished cupboards. Looks great!

Kelly said...

So I truly hope John gets better soon! When it comes to sick sympathy he's got mine. I can relate totally! I am sorry! Also the redo of the cupboard is amazing!!! Truly love it! Now let me give it you straight sister, I like the red chairs but I think what is throwing me off is the fabric on them. It just doesn't flow with the rest of the room. Too beachy for the classy elegant look you are going for. I don't know... maybe I am being the one mean comment person, but that is the only thing I would change. I like the red chairs a lot but there is just something off for me. What about a rug by the back door? Sorry to say I am not a fan of the fabric. BUT I truly LOVE everything else! Do you hate me? Oh and the beach picture of the kids I want one for my fridge! It is gorgeous! Truly a master at photography my friend! If you don't want my decorating opinion just say so, I'll keep it to myself! PS not that I am good at it. You are much more daring than I am! Wish I had more room to do some wonderful projects like you! Maybe you can come and help me with the babies / Lylia's room makeover! That really needs some tlc.

Katie Browning said...

Poor John, I can't believe you are having to go through so much. I have had two gallbladder attacks and i felt like I was going to die. Much worse than having a c-section. I have my surgery scheduled for Thursday to have mine removed. Thank goodness!!

Love your work--how do you ever find the energy?!? Oh, and my kitchen is hunter green and I love it ;)

BexxT said...

Oh Jenn. Your redo makes me so happy. I <3 the beach cottage look and have been slowly adding more of that into the house over the past 2 years. It just reminds me of Michigan- but the good summer parts of Michigan and not the miserable winters from hell part.

And the photo of your kids is beautiful. If you don't put it in the kitchen, then it needs to go somewhere. How could it not with those beautiful smiles?

And yes 100x over to the red chairs. It is delightful.

Tricia said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the red chairs! I am so super impressed with your ability to take something and make it beautiful. I love the striped fabric, and I think the pop of color is amazing. I am jealous of the "armoire" thingy - I want one! Next time you come here, you can forget helping your mom and come to my house and makeover a room for me!

Missy said...

You amaze me! I love the transformation! The chairs are an awesome pop of color and that dresser is amazing! I wish I had that kind of insight. Love the pics of your kids. You definitely should display it. How frustrating for you and John. I will pray for you guys!

RaeLynn said...

You are out of control. That bookshelf is freaking amazing. Maybe if i stopped watching old episodes of Intervention and Hoarders, I'd have time to actually do some cool things like this to my OWN house!

you have a talent, my friend.

the emily said...

WOW Jenn! Love love love your kitchen!