Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Random Thoughts

things going through my head lately:

mo' money mo' problems? I would like to try this for myself and see if it's true.

wondering if hanging a chandelier is hard.

searching the usual cheap-skate spots for a chandelier.

need to refill my thyroid medication because I am dragging.

I miss having my close friends close by.

Really hoping John's doctor figures things out magically today, because they won't schedule the tests until after an initial consult.

My doctor wants me to do a sleep study and I am on the fence about being super excited to have a night of uninterrupted sleep, but kind of freaked out to 1. have someone I don't know watch me sleep/drool on my pillow and 2. try to sleep with all of those wires attached. Plus I need to make sure insurance is going to cover it.

Maddy wakes up in the middle of the night, sneaks into our room and steals the Ipad. We've tried hiding it while it charges and she has found it in the past. Last night? Victory! (unless you count the fact that I had to get up and calm her down over her failure to find it. In which case, Not Victory!)

I had a dream last night that me, one of my good friends, and my little brother were all smoking cigarettes. It was weird, because we are all, in real life, good ol' practicing mormons and in my dream we discovered each other smoked all at the same time. I woke up feeling really guilty until I realized, uh duh, it was just a dream, I've never smoked in my life. Strange.

I was pretty sick two nights ago. Throw up sick. I felt pregnant again and panicked because that's not supposed to happen. Then I got excited that maybe it happened. And then I felt let down because it didn't happen. Being a woman is hard.

I'm thinking of opening up my photography business again and doing mini-christmas photoshoots for people around here. Not sure though.

Why can I never think of what I want to cook for dinner? I really dislike that part of the day.

Okay, baby G is awake and he is super smiley when he wakes up and I love that part of the day.


Kelly said...

First off I can't believe no one but be commented on the last post... Second I had a dream once about smoking too, and woke up with the impression of if you continue to hang out with this person this will happen. Freaked me out. Thirdly I had a dream last night about making dinner and woke up wanting hawaiian haystacks. So random, and I haven't had those in years. And I am sorry about John. And Christmas pictures! Yes please!? I live semi close! How about after the baby comes you come and take pictures up here and help me out?! Just keep it in mind!!! Thanks for the post!

maugers said...

I've done a quasi sleep study before (just 3 hours long) and they try to induce seizures... it was awesome! THe bed is comfy, the blankets are warm... totally worth it :) I think you should start photography again, you're good. Have a great day! (hope John gets better soon)

BexxT said...

My mom has apnea and has done the sleep studies. They aren't a big deal and it solves all sorts of problems once you get diagnosed! She has a breathing machine that makes her a human instead of the zombie she is when she doesn't use it.

Also, I can find amazing chandeliers for discounted prices. But they are still pretty pricey. Let me know if you want an invite to the daily boutiques. They had chandeliers up today, but these are more expensive than some of the other lighting solutions that come through (they carry everything- like yesterday had a kitchenaid boutique, they have rugs, couture clothing, jewelry, kids stuff, accessories like pricey purses, etc.) It is where I get my jeans because I refuse to pay $200 for them at the mall. not when I can get them for $100 or less if I catch the brand boutique. I know $100 is insane for a pair of jeans, but they fit and don't shrink- and after decades of buying jeans that become high waters after 2 cold washes and being hung to dry- well, I don't waste money on that anymore. Buy the nice ones, and they last for years for me! :)

And I love it when Kings wakes up from his naps. He is the best when he is squealing and giggling.