Monday, September 12, 2011

this is for my sister

who works and is sometimes bored. I just thought I'd pop on to say that I have a curtains crush on this blog:

I also have a crush on her light fixture. I think those curtains would look amazing in my living room, where I have my plain jane light blocking curtains that I can't get rid of. But maybe I could cut off the grommets on top and use them as liners to this fabric? Too bad it's kinda pricey and I would need a lot....Or maybe this fabric would look better than what I have in my new dining room. Thoughts?

Kelly, this is how you know I love you, I post stuff no one else cares about, just for you. I'm patting myself on the back as we speak.... ha


Kelly said...

I love this post!!!! Truly your blog was the first one I checked today! I have to admit that I am a huge blue fan. All of my curtains are blue green and brown, but the blue are my favorite. This is EXACTLY what I had imagined in your dinning room! You got it right on the money... How many windows are in your living room, and what is the color scheme in there? Oh thank you for this blog! It made my morning!

Kelly said...

PS we did just spray paint one of mom's gold chandeliers and it looked amazing. maybe you could find one on craigslist and use the same spray paint mom had, and then put the little dangly things. I don't know I just really liked how mom's look so much better!