Sunday, October 30, 2011


Please enjoy some recent and random conversations with our four year old.

Mom: Maddy, what did you learn at church today?

Maddy: I learned about guitars. And I really really want a guitar, because guitars make you wild. And Mommy and Daddy, I am wild. I will learn to play guitar and then I will leave the house and never come back.

Dad: Uh, I think that was probably the part of the story she wasn't supposed to empathize with.


Maddy: Dad, could you please show me some of your moves?

Mom: What do you mean moves Maddy, you mean like dance moves or what?

Maddy: Oh you know, like your cool moves.

Dad: (cracking up) Maddy, why don't you show us your cool moves first.

Maddy: (looking sheepish) Sorry Daddy, I don't have any cool moves yet.


Mom: Maddy, could you hurry and say the prayer so our cereal won't get soggy?

Maddy: Dear Heavenly Father, please bless that our cereal won't get soggy. Amen.

Oh man, I wish I would write these down as soon as she says them, because she has me laughing several times a day. These are the few I could remember. I love that girl.


Kelly said...

Love that Maddy!

Dan said...

Oh my goodness! That girl is too cute!

the emily said...

Hi-larious! The moves one made me laugh out loud.