Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gratuitous Commentary is my Speciality

I don't know if I have anything particularly witty to say about this latest installment, except that we carved some pumpkins and by golly, you're gonna read about it (or skip it). I also feel that I need to use the term by golly a few more times. By golly.

I love how they ended up carving like this, Maddy in the middle of Daddy's arms.

Concentration, Concetration, pumpkins are dying, babies are crying...what? you don't know that song?
oh my sweetheart. Can you see the glitter on her cheek? We were practicing for her costume.
Getting non-flash pictures at night is not easy. I just wanted you to know. Maddy kept sticking her tongue out while carving and it made me laugh. She is the micheal jordan of pumpkin carving.

Yes, we let her wield the sharp stuff. She did a great job, and Dad was watching very closely.

And apparently threatening her with further bodily harm if she harmed herself.
A different angle
I kinda love it. I held it up over our heads and didn't even look through the viewfinder. Lucky pic

I stuck that bow in her hair just for the pictures. You caught me.

Oh and Mr. G was there too, and he WAS NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT thankyouverymuch. :)
This picture cracks me up. Can you tell we're kinda used to his fussing lol. Dad and Maddy just keep working.
But why won't you looooove meeeee? Poor wittle baby

And then Mama gave him some baby snacks and he was happy again (and soon thereafter was packed off to slumberville.
The finished spooky product. By golly

She looks so dang old in this picture. Excuse me while I go and wake her up and demand she stop growing right this second. Holy cow.


the emily said...

You have SERIOUSLY cute kids. Seriously.

Bryan said...

So, that picture that was taken from up above - did you take it from that little loft of yours? You know, the one you get to via the little ladder in Grant's closet....

Lori said...

By golly that is one spooky pumpkin :) Grant is soooo cute in all of his babieness, even if he's fussy. I love the pictures. And I know what you mean about the floors all of the sudden seeming filthy and covered in danger. That made me laugh! They will put ANYTHING in their mouths!