Sunday, October 16, 2011

Here it comes, The Kitchen Reveal in three parts

 Why in three parts? Well let's face it folks, this project took me so long that I need to milk it for as many blog posts as possible. Also, I have too many pictures for one post.

So anyway, here are the before pictures. This is what my kitchen looked like. When you hear the term "builder basic" this is the picture you get in your mind, right? There is nothing wrong with this kitchen, but it didn't make my heart flip flop or tap dance or anything. I don't know about you, but if my heart doesn't tap dance when it's in the kitchen, a whole lot less of dishes get done.

 It's kinda fun to look back at these because I'm already used to how it is now and it looks so blah to me now that I look at the befores!
 The white sink kinda bugged me before, but once I switched out the cheapy faucet for a new one, all of the sudden I pretended like the white sink was a farmhouse sink. (i have a good imagination).
 doo doo doo, just biding your time until the after pictures aren't you
 because my after shots will look SO much better if you see my before pictures with a dirty sink ha
 and despite what it looks like, this is a picture of a CLEAN floor. ugh, gross I know. oh wait, there are two pieces of dirt or something there now that I look at it. Well, ahem, that's clean for us. the floor just always looked dirty with this linoleum
the table, pre-paint, and pre-chair switch, and pre-dumpter dive armoire.

Let's move on to the next post shall we? The one where you see how hard I worked.


the emily said...

Looks pretty fantastic to me, man. But then again I live in a circa-1960s apartment with 50 years of grease on the cabinets so...

Jill Nystul said...

Featured your kitchen makeover on my blog today. LOVE it! Hope to "imitate" someday. :-)