Thursday, October 20, 2011

I was armed, I was armed (and other tales)

 I just kinda felt like posting some random pictures. Do you like my jumbo basket? I do, I got it a few weeks ago (you guessed it) from craigslist. It was 3 whole dollars. I wanted something big enough for blankets. I love it.

 Then I fall-ified my mantel. It felt good.

My favorite thing to do during Fall is get out these milk glass teacups I found at a thrift store five million years ago and put little LED tea lights in them. They give off kind of a warm yet spooky glow. Perfect.
 The Jane Austen picture just seemed kinda fallish and romantic (and with her dour expression, also kinda haunted housey), so I kept her up.
And the hand-me-down pumpkin sign my sister gave me once upon a time.

Speaking of sisters, I want to embarrass mine and tell a funny story. One time she left me a comment, and let me tell you what she meant to type. She meant to type something about always getting the hand-me-downs because she was the youngest. What she actually typed was she always got the "hammy downs." I never laughed so hard in my life. The mental image of a hammy down is just too awesome.  Plus, it reminds me of all the times I get the lyrics to songs wrong and belt them out while driving. Remember the song, How Bizarre? I thought the guy was saying, I was armed, I was armed! ha, so there you go, Kelly, you know I love you. :)


Kelly said...

Yes now I know you love me! I like my version more, "Hammy" it is more to the point, why add extra words in there. lol.

Robin said...

Whoa! You did a GREAT job decorating your mantel.

Totally agree on the yoga pants. I wear them all the time. Literally. People say they wear jeans all the time, but why? They're not stretchy and comfortable.

Carrie said...

I like the fall look too :o) Levi's famous one was 'He's a fast eater' for 'She's a man eater'! that!

the emily said...

So pretty! I just love your house.