Thursday, October 27, 2011

With a wave of my makeover wand....

we switched our formal dining room out for an office/craft space! (no but seriously, how do I get one of those magic wands?)

First of all, let's get this out of the way--I am annoyed with my pictures. I want to blame my camera, but it's probably me. I feel like my photos lately have been coming in not quite as clearly as before. I think I might need to get my camera cleaned and re-calibrated. Or I need lasik. I feel like I can't take pictures of my house if my life depended on it. Oh well. :) So anyway, this used to be our formal living room. Once we redid our other eat-in area, we found we were eating in there a lot more than ever. I hate having wasted space in a house, and started rethinking the formal dining room. Of course I have zero money, but that never stops me. I just used what I had. The dresser was in our closet and now houses my craft supplies.
 We brought both of our desks in here and I really love it. I get lots of sunlight and I can have Maddy working on coloring or other stuff in the same room.
 This bookcase just got shifted to another wall.
 I did get a new urn from Goodwill a while ago. I thought it looked kinda pumpkiny.
 Switched out this area (where my desk used to be) and put our shoes in those baskets underneath.
 Another goodwill two dollar find. Maddy loves to play with it. We practice dialing 9-1-1 on it, since that's the new big thing at preschool.

 and funnily enough with the title of this post, Maddy is wearing an "I'm Grumpy" t-shirt. It runs in the family. (as does using the measuring tape).
I snuck this chair back into the room. I love these old ratty school chairs. They will never leave me.

Hope you liked my mini makeover.


the emily said...

I think it looks GREAT. love the dresser and the desks. and the light.

Kelly said...

I love makeovers! I am excited to work on my crib this weekend!

Kellie said...

I love what you've done with it! I bet you love working on the computer in a brightly lit room. There is just something about a bright room that makes everything better.