Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Kitchen Gets Worse Before it Gets Better

 So let me tell you something about painting your own kitchen takes a LONG freaking time. Especially if you can't take a small sample of the paint color home and so you end up picking a white that ends up exactly matching your cream walls and you lament and wail about it before finally taking it back and getting a new white and redoing the entire upper portion. Wish I was kidding about that. UGH. But I knew it would drive me crazy and if I was going to do it, I was going to do it right. I hated my own guts for about two weeks over that one.

So I don't know if I told you all, but I decided to use the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations kit. They sell them at Home Depot and lots of other places, and I thought for a LONG time before deciding to go that way. I read quite a few reviews and looked at lots of pictures and finally decided that if I ruined my cabinets that I would figure out a way to fix them. I'm not a giver upper. I also figured that they really couldn't get that much worse. Ha! Makeovers are easy to decide on when you don't have much to lose.

Mostly what I was worried about in painting my own cabinets were these three things: 1. Having to sand. I hate sanding, and I know for myself that getting all of the dust off of something you've sanded is nearly impossible. 2 My cabinets are part wood and part laminate (the ends are laminate) and so I needed something that could cover both equally well. 3. I was worried about wood grain showing through the paint.  After looking at all of the reviews of the Rustoleum kits I was able to learn that 1. the kit required no sanding or priming (just a really stiff cleaning with a deglosser) 2. Their paint system covers wood and laminate, score! and 3. I saw pictures of other people's oak cabinets and decided that the wood grain didn't look too bad. So I went for it. I was still mostly nervous about the wood grain, but let me tell you, you really truly hardly notice it. If anything it really does look nicer because it looks like real wood instead of laminate. Trust me on this. I wasn't a believer either, but it looks a million times better. As for durability, so far so good. No chips to speak of!

Anyway, first I took everything down and labeled it as seen in the photo above
 Once I got the doors off, I started to hear the siren song of open shelving. I thought to my self, "Self, you have lots of nice dishes, I bet you could get away with it." My Self agreed. But it was still trying to decide when I tried a new tactic. I said, "Self, that's way less doors to paint." And then Self gave me a high five and we did it.
 You better believe the teriyaki shelves kept the doors on. I needed some kitchen privacy. I'm not crazy.
 I even drew a little chart so I would know which doors went with which (because not all doors were banished as you'll see).
 Then I decided to make my life about five million times harder and try to install vinyl Allure plank flooring. Mind you, this was all decided and bought and started before John got fairly deathly ill. My timing is impeccable (NOT). :)
 this plug helped me decide to keep the doors over the microwave in tact as well
 I filled most of these holes because I didn't like how they looked
 Oh, sneak peak. First coat. I think this was of the first color, the cream color.
I painted them bit by bit. I would paint a coat on the doors and then paint a coat on the frames and then start all over and then flip and do it all again. Many many many times. Then you do the top protective coat. And then you cry for mercy while rocking in the fetal position...
 ah ha! you can now see the color I picked for the lower cabinets. It's a lovely blue gray color. But I show you this picture to show you how our floor stayed for over a month while we tried to get John healed (still working on it. In fact, he had to go to the ER again tonight, long story, but he's okay). Finally I put an ad on craigslist to trade a photoshoot for a finished floor. A pro flooring guy's wife answered the ad and convinced him to do it, awesome! It was the best trade I ever made in my life.
 Although one might argue, upon seeing this picture of me that I insisted on taking of myself during the work process, that a trade for a personal makeover might have been of better use, but one major project at a time people...


luvnmy10 said...

You are so ambitious and brave! Can't wait to see the final reveal, hurry up already, you have people out here waiting!! Hope John is ok, by the way : ).

Katamaran said...

ahhhhh I'm so glad I didn't miss the big reveal! woot! I'm glad john is okay, but still sorry he had a trip to the ER! I bet you're more then ready to put all health obstacles behind you and move into 2012 huh :0) You're a trooper my dear! And I don't think you need a make over at all! Maybe less stress, but you're so pretty mama! It's where your kids get all their cuteness! (okay, John too, but I see mostly you right now!) I can't wait to see the final thing! Keep 'em comin girlfrien!

the emily said...

My mom did this in our house in Albuquerque when I was at college and she said the same thing--it takes way longer than you expect. But she had lots of kitchen cabinets and also a wall of 9 cabinets (3 on top, 3 in middle, 3 on bottom) that went floor to ceiling, so she had a lot to do.

Denise from Ark said...

I am also an Allure flooring lover! We started with it in our complete master bathroom makeover, and loved it so much that we took it on in to the bedroom. Now the other bathroom has been made over and it and the hall have the same floor. Next is the LR. It's crazy easy stuff to put down.

Carol aka Big Mama said...

Love your humor! And the final results!

(p.s. I followed *One Good Thing By Jillie* here.)