Saturday, October 22, 2011

True Life Confessions

1. I let Maddy listen to this Beyonce song. We sing it at the top of our lungs in the car. I always feel slightly ashamed, but when she sings, "WHO RUNS THE WORLD? GIRLS!" I just love it a little too much.

2. I am surprised every single time that someone tells me that I am good at something. I got to "overhear" a facebook conversation about how creative and cool I was, and I was in complete shock. Creative, who, me? Um, I don't feel creative, I don't feel interesting. I am constantly amazed that anyone reads this blog. But it warmed my heart so much.

3. Lately I have made quite a few dinners from things I saw people pin on pinterest. So far, not a single one has failed me. YUM. (the sauce below is the most recent one I tried and it is to die for).

4. I still really love to dance, and I do it all the time. But every time I dance, I think of this commercial. It makes me laugh...and cringe.

5. Every woman should own a pair of stretchy, cottony, black yoga pants. Not only are they comfortable, but you can wear them out in public and pretend like you didn't also wear them to bed.

6. I miss having a book club and a reason to have fancy parties.

7. The floors in my bathroom need a good scrub, but I hate cleaning bathroom floors. I really really really want one of these.  It can both vacuum and then mop. Anyone have one and can tell me how they like it (or another brand)?

8. I hate to be one of those people, but I am already so excited for Christmas. This has never happened in the history of my life since I was 8 years old, but I just can't wait. I don't know why.

9. For those of you that asked (cough, Kendra) our local airport is the Charleston Airport. :)

10. Did I mention on here yet that Grant is crawling and has been doing so for over a week?? He is so so so cute. Also, that may be why I feel that I need a Shark Vacuum and Mop. All of the sudden the floors seem filthy and covered in danger. Oh man.


Kelly said...

I want to see a video of him crawling!

Katamaran said...

Oooooh I second Kelly! And I love the picture of you and Grant! <3 I love to dance too! Always makes me feel good unless I find myself dancing (badly) past the mirror and catch a glimpse of myself and then I too cringe hahahahaha!

Carrie said...

LOVED the video! The dancing video was too funny :o) It's been fun catching on the blog postings.

maugers said...

Thanks for the shout out Jen... I never saw Oprah's final show, but I sure did like the song!