Friday, October 14, 2011

Who's a Winner, I'm a winner!!

I can't believe it, but I actually WON something!! I stopped entering blog giveaways about a year ago because I never won and I'm a sore non-winner so I gave up. Then I was on one of my bloggy reads about a week ago and it was for a $100 gift card to Wal-mart. So I said to myself, "Self, you sure could use one hundred dollars right now. Self, enter that contest." I entered and then completely forgot.

Fast forward a week or so and I was reading said blog again and just happened to read at the bottom the winner was my username. I thought, uh, maybe someone else has that username. And then I clicked on it and it linked to this blog! Woo-hoo!!! This story is only complete by telling you that I may or may not have been reading this on the Ipad in the bathroom, and John may or may not have thought I had lost some serious marbles when I started yelling (from the bathroom) I WON I WON I WON!!!!! laugh out loud folks

Anyway, it was the perfect end to a really great day. Today was the annual Savage family pumpkin patch extravaganza. Anyone that has known us for any amount of time knows that this outing is sacred to the Savage clan. We actually went to a first patch and they were open only to schools (so annoying!) but we didn't give up and went another forty five minutes for a different patch. We are dedicated pumpkiners. Make no mistake.

Feel free to skip the photos. I just feel sorry for you if you do skip them. Grant and Madeline were looking particularly scrumptious today.


 The little shoesies
 Getting ready to hit the patch

 Hark, a bounce castle!

 The next three pictures crack me up

 So do these next three. It's like a series of photos. Maddy's faces are the best

 I like how her feet are perfectly flat

 The best part was that we could hear Maddy at the top of the slide, before going down, giving herself the following pep talk: "Come on, you can do it. It's just a slide! Don't be scared." hahaha SO cute and funny

 This one is for my little brother. we got a little lost and it was fun

 we found...the corn!!
 I made him take a picture of me and the bubs
 can you see that john has lost weight. I can tell in his face
 love John's face, Maddy's makes me laugh
 because i love you all so much i want you to laugh as much as possible. I seriously don't know what I was doing in this picture

 this cracks me up
 look at Maddy's face!! ha!
 oh I love him so much my heart hurts
 my boys. love love love
 we kept trying to freak maddy out during the hayride, but she kept saying, that's not real. busted
 grant chewing on dad's finger. business as usual

 ah the monster's mouth!
 uh, creepy

 the ghost forest!
 blair witch project picture. don't go in the forest alone!
 favorite picture ever
 picking out the pumpkin
 she kept saying the pumpkins were either too big, too small, or too royal. too royal? I dunno what that means, don't ask me

 she found THE pumpkin
 true love
 don't try to take it away
 the baby is the same size as the pumpkins. couldn't you gobble him up??
 he basically refused to acknowledge my presence
 that looks a lot like what he'll probably look at me like when he's a teenager. to me it says something to the effect of, "mom, you're ruining my life."
 and this is Maddy's face telling me that I'm ruining her life because "we think grant's the cutest."
haha, and thus ended the great pumpkin patch adventure. it was a MUCH needed break.


Katamaran said...

GRANT IS SO CUTE! HOLY COW! Gerber baby has NOTHING on him! I'm so glad you won <3 and the picture with Grant (eating your daughets shirt?) was HILARIOUS! Laughed out loud AND snorted! <3 Thanks for sharing!

the emily said...

What an awesome day! $100 is HUGE, man! Awesome! Plus, that looks like the best trip. Also, Maddy's skirt/boots/socks is something I WANT TO WEAR, so cute!

luvnmy10 said...

Thanks for sharing your fall-y post! Wish Florida had a fall! As usual the kids are adorable and so photogenic! Love reading about your adventures with your tongue in cheek humor-hey, maybe thatbis where the term cheeky came from, have to look that one up.