Wednesday, November 30, 2011

some mickeys were harmed during the making of this blog post

Yes, I'm sorry to tell you we have had a casualty over at our house. Let's have a moment of silence.
This is Maddy's toothbrush holder. I won't name names, but somebody of the tiny variety broke it while I was trying to wash their filthy baby hands. I knew we were in big trouble because this toothbrush holder is much beloved. So I did what any mature parent would do....I left it and pretended like I didn't know anything about it when Maddy came asking what happened. Daddy promised to fix him (probably because he secretly loves that thing more than she does), and all is right with the world again. Well, except for Mickey. He looks like he got taken down by some sort of cartoon mafia.

Anywho, I have been m.i.a. lately, but not for lack of awesome projects (like gluing mickeys back together). I've been busy working away and thought it was time to give a sneak peek. I'm done with most of the projects I've been doing, but still have to hang one final thing. So sneak peek it is.

You know what this means right?? Oh yeah, we added some more moulding to the house. I may never be finished adding stuff like this until my entire house is covered.

So this is our entryway. I fell in love with this picture on pinterest:
And since we have such a small entryway, I thought this would be a perfect way to make it stand out. I knew the key to awesomeness would be 1. the chunky top molding, and 2. the three awesome wreaths. We accomplished both, although my top molding is not quite that thick (as you can see by the photos above--it's the piece of unpainted wood), but I'm at peace about that (mostly).

Another pinterest victory? Here's the inspiration photo:
So pretty. I didn't have a vintage looking carrier like that one, but I did find a jam jar holder for a few bucks at Walmart and my little wheels started turning. This is how my version turned out.

This is a bad cell phone picture of it, but I was fairly impressed with myself. I bought fake moss for goodness sakes...if that doesn't make me crafty, then I just don't know what will.

In other pinterest obsession news, I found these free printable labels and they are awesome. I bought a little do-da from ebay that turns normal paper into stickers and made them into holiday tags. It was pretty much the coolest thing I've ever done, just ask Maddy. Anyone who can make stickers out of thin air is pretty much awesome in her book.

Lastly, here is the sneakiest peek of all:

I bet you can guess what I've been up to. Hopefully this Habitat for Humanity beauty will be hung tonight (transformed of course). Free paint, super cheap fixture? Sounds like another match made in heaven around here.

So now you're just about caught up. What do you think, are sneak peeks more fun than waiting forever for the final reveal, or do you just like the final outcome?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

crazy I tell ya

I was back reading my old blog and this post made me SUPER homesick for my Utah friends. I miss the old book club, and the reason I had for having pretend fancy parties. I think it's time to start another book club, perhaps titled The Finer Things Numero Dos. Have you read any amazing books lately? I am in the market for some amazing reads.
I miss these fun and funny women

Also, I finished my little project and forgot to take pictures while there was light outside. Darn it all. On the plus side, what an awesome weekend we had. I got to have a Mommy-Daughter date and we went to see a movie. We've begun the parent-daughter date thing just recently and it has been great. Hopefully we will keep it up every now and again, because Maddy loves it and I know Grant will too. So far he gets quality one-on-one time at home with the parent that is not on the date, so it works out great for everyone.

Oh and guess what? I didn't take a single picture of our thanksgiving feast. Can you believe it? And I did that on purpose. Who would have thought that I would do something just for the sheer joy of living it and not just for the love of blogging. Crazy, just plain crazy I tell ya. :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Duped No More

They say you can't buy happiness...

but then I saw these light-up Rudolph slippers and I knew they lied. Just had to share, in case you had been duped too.

Happy Thanksgiving. We had a really awesome day. Hope you did too. (which, if you have these slippers, it goes without saying that you did).

Monday, November 21, 2011

I interrupt this blog

to announce that someday I want--nay, NEED--to own one of each of the following:

A vintage card catalog. I was proposed to in a library after all.

The RED mailbox.

A well-loved berry picking bucket.

a big old galvanized bucket.

A hand-twist doorbell.

A bed like this for Granty one day.

And lastly, but most belovedly, a mirror shaped just like this one. If I ever come across one, I think that music will know the romantic kind when the two long lost lovers run across a field of flowers into each others arms? Reminds me of this clip. I would be Miss Piggy and the mirror would be Kermit. True love.

So yeah, this post basically means that I'm not ready to show you my project. The number one inhibitor of progress these days is sleeping babies. That also happens to usually be the number one proponent of progress around here too, so we are at a bit of a standstill (we have to nail stuff to the wall right outside sleeping baby's room). Hopefully we'll get a chance tomorrow.

What are some of your crazy and random wants?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ah Snap

On Friday my sister called and we had the following conversation:

Me: "Hey, how are you?"

Sister: "Good. How about you? What projects are you going to do this weekend?"

Me: "Nothing, I don't always have to be doing a project you know."

Sister laughs. I take umbrage. 

Then I think....hey wait a cotton-picking minute, why don't I have a project this weekend?? I need a project STAT!

I am so predictable.

I would show you pictures, but our project ran into some snafus. But we never give up. It's gonna look awesome. Also, I bought a piece of furniture at a garage sale. I told John about it and how cheap it was and I measured and hummed and hawed and finally decided to pull the trigger after talking the lady's price down more. I got it all the way home and then it was just a smidge too big for the spot I wanted it for. 

Ah Snap.

So then I moved it to our bedroom. I did all of this while John was gone on a Daddy-Daughter date with Maddy (they picked Chuck E. Cheese as their "place of bonding." That is my idea of a "place of wanting to give up the will to live." One man's treasure....) Anyway, John came home and I was slightly nervous to see how he would react to the new arrangement (that man is kind of averse to change, and you would think he was used to it being married to me!) but he really loved the furniture. It's a real bona fide antique--real wood--I think mahogany. I fell in love with the hardware and fancy legs. I'll take pictures next time, I promise. I'm feeling lazy and it's dark outside. But maybe you get bored of all of these house change posts? That's kind of my sort of boring.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Tips for feeling content this Christmas

1. Do not look at Black Friday ads

2. Do not look at Black Friday ads

3. Make yourself a cup of hot cocoa

 if possible, make it from Ghiradelli 73% cacao chocolate bars and cream. 

4. But don't read the Black Friday ads while you drink your cocoa.

and there you have the recipe for contentment this Christmas. I'm feeling really good not knowing what I'm "missing" and don't really need. What's your recipe for contentment this year?

p.s. I know a lot of people just go out for fun and a few deals on black friday, and I think that's awesome (really!). This is just a personal recipe for me....that includes chocolate. and in all likelihood I'll probably go to Target later in the day on black friday just for fun. But the stressful feeling that I'm missing out on some great deal that I would have to push past fifty rabid other shoppers just to realize they only had two in the store to begin with...well I've decided to skip that.  Ahhh, it feels good. :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How to get your christmas jiggy on

 First, get some letters and some glitter and some glue and make some really sparkly letters that spell out a Christmasy word. The redder the glitter=the more Christmas spirit you feel. Then, put it on a goodwill shelf that you found for 3 dollars. Ignore the 1985 heart cutout because it's for Christmas, so you're allowed to have cheesy things like around. Plus...uh, it was three dollars.
 Sew more Christmas pillows out of napkins. Find some candy cane stripe/ticking stripe bedding (and if you're super cheap like me, sell something around your house to bankroll that purchase).

 napkins with ribbons, check
 napkins without ribbons, check.
 Study pictures of Pottery Barn's website and decide that 1. you need a headboard, and 2. you are not paying $900 for one, and 3. study how they make their beds look so very cozy and try to recreate said coziness (and fail, but still, it was fun). Have you ever noticed that PB takes their bedding pictures from a bit below the bed level? Weird, but it works....

 Here's the pottery barn inspiration. Bytheway, I did not get my bedding from them. It's just a look alike. :) I mostly loved their headboard in this.

I blatantly copied the shelf, sparkly letters, dog picture idea from this better homes and gardens picture. John made fun of me and asked if I was going to get some puppies to put on the bed too. Maybe I will mister...don't put ideas into my head....
 Buy your headboard from craigslist for twenty bucks and spray paint it oil rubbed bronze. But here's where you should differ from me--try not to throw up because you accidentally breathed in a puff of spray paint like a rookie. Also, don't have your four year old watching the whole process so she can run behind you (as you run for the water closet) yelling," Mommy!!! ARE YOU THROWING UP MOMMY???"

Surprisingly, throwing up is something I prefer to do without commentary.

 Here's what the headboard looked like before. Pretty standard. Or substandard if we're being really honest. Pretend like you don't notice the fact that my garage floor is bright red....
 You are wondering what this is? This is evidence of my genius. So I had to show you. The headboard sat too low for my taste, so I cut some MDF all by my little self and drilled some holes and attached it. Instant elevator shoes for a bed.

 Let's get back to the pretty pictures. I also added some artwork above the nightstands. That was free. No really. I had the frames in the garage. They were holding some artwork I didn't like anymore (they were originally thrift store frames I painted). I took out the artwork, and then I covered the backing with a sheet of coloring paper that I stole from Maddy. It's the paper from Ikea that they use for their easels. It is a nice cream color and quite thick. I just used double sided tape and wrapped the back board from the frame like a present and taped the image on top. Easy and free!
 Free also because I googled "antique sketches" and remembered how awesome this Da Vinci horse sketch was--so I printed it on my normal printer and put it on my husband's side.

For my own side, I picked this pretty lady. Again, just googled antique sketches. If you want a link, let me know.
Here it all is again.

 And now that you're suitably impressed, I take this opportunity to show you what the other side of the room looked like. I take this chance to remind you that every single blog is pretend fancy if you have kids. Because kids don't like pottery barn houses. They like inflated duck bath houses. And I like kid houses, so I guess by the transitive property I like duck bath houses. 

And now you see why I did not study math in college. (hey, I'm proud I remembered the term "transitive property")

And well...I'm sorry to embarrass barbie like this, but this was found on my floor as well.
He was hanging out, checking out my makeover too. Since he promptly threw off the cute frame I had put on the sidetable, I took that as baby speak for him approving. I then moved the cute frame back to the garage. My style can only take so much baby approval.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

a few things

1. i made some pillow cases out of napkins. they look suitably cozy. I'll get on taking their pictures stat.

2. I read this book and love it. LOVE it. I usually find books like this cheesy, but not this one.
A friend from church wants me to take some photos of a family at church to sort of recreate the book, and so I had to read it. I was dubious, and now I'm a fan. Now I need a copy.

3. I did a big grocery shop on Saturday and several people said comments like, "whoa, are you feeding a whole village at home" or other things like that. To me, this is akin to asking a pregnant woman if she is having twins. Keep your eyes outta my cart people! (or at least don't tell me that it looks like I am a food hoarder, sheesh).

4. I was teaching a lesson in church today and meant to read, "adam and eve's eyes were opened." instead I read it, "adam and eve's flies were opened." oh mylanta. It took a while for the class to recover after that one.

5. Remember that painted bucket with the dots I saw on pinterest and wanted to recreate? I hate to tell you this, but if you ever title one of your pins on pinterest as "super easy to DIY" it will come back to haunt you in your over-confident face. My bucket looked like it caught the measles. I may or may be trying again. Me and the bucket are still in a fight.

6.My baby has double ear infections and doesn't like to be left to his own devices for long. It was slowly driving me weepy and exhausted this week, but the miracle of medicine is working it's magic and he is slowly getting better.

7. Why are men SO DANG HARD to shop for for Christmas? I mean, it's easy to buy socks and Itunes gift cards, but those are so boring. And I don't have five million dollars for some cool gadget. What are you getting your husband/father/brother/significant male in your life? I won't tell....

8.I have been trying to wear contacts more often because I saw a picture of myself from a few years ago and I convinced myself that I looked so good because I wasn't wearing glasses. The most interesting part of this experience (besides realizing that it was also the fact that I was ten years younger in that photo) is that I keep trying to push my glasses back up my nose so I can see better. And then there is nothing there. And then I feel dumb and laugh at myself. and look around to make sure no one saw.

9. Little known fact (or easily forgotten fact) buying wrapping paper and stocking stuffers costs quite a bit of money too, and yet I don't ever really consider it a major expense every year. That's how they get you. Darn them and their cute reindeer wrapping paper.

10. John's Mom sent Maddy some "Speed Stacks Cups." When I opened the box, I was like, Uh, what in the world, she sent us a bunch of plastic cups to play with?? And then Maddy got a hold of them and they are about the funnest toy she has played with in years. So, I highly recommend getting your kids some plastic cups and saving yourself $500 in other toys for Christmas. plus, babies like to knock them down too.

another scattered list from my scattered brain. isn't it scary to get a peek inside?? :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Don't roll your eyes at my socks!

I don't know what was up with me, but all of the sudden I got major bloggers block. Well...honestly I think it might have had something to do with having a sick baby. Something about wiping a screaming baby's nose five thousand times a day will suck the inspiration right out of you I'd say. But luckily I did these projects before Granters got sick.

I present, the christmas bedding. If anyone makes a comment about how it hasn't even been thanksgiving yet, well....I have nothing to say about that. :)

So, once upon a time it all began with me wanting to buy Madster some flannel sheets for the cooler weather. And also, I may or may not have seen this pin on pinterest:

This lady also put flannel sheets on her girls beds, and I fell in love with the buffalo check duvet covers at the same time as admiring their sheets. Upon using my crack research team "the Google" I realized the duvets were sold once upon a time by Pottery Barn and are no longer for sale. Besides, we all know what Pottery Barn is a synonym for: sell your children to Rumpelstiltskin for enough gold to buy something.
So, using a gift card to Joanns that I got for my birthday, I bought some fabric during their columbus day sale (or some other random holiday that they just use as an excuse to put mattresses, t.v.'s and fabric on sale).
I bought the flannel sheet set on ebay for super cheap. It has cute little stockings. All the other pillows I had laying around.

So I bought a full-size sheet from wal-mart to use at the backing and then made a duvet cover. I was and am extremely impressed with myself. I am not a sewer or sewist or seamstress. Don't look too close.

To close up the top, I used some extra binding that I had from the other project I'm going to show you in a second. I like the rustic/crazy lady feel they give to the overall project.

Crazy lady, because it looks like some sort of weird person forgot how to sew buttons and just tied stuff together. I am very sorry to say that is the exact truth. But I still like how it looks. Take that, buttons.
And, just like my usual give a mouse a cookie ways, if I changed the bedding, the curtains would look really weird (they were flowers), so I used some fabric I got a long time ago and sewed it to an old shower curtain I had lying around. I have a lot of stuff laying (lying? please, grammar police, don't tell me. I got away with an english degree without knowing, and I don't intend on changing that for anyone!) around the house.

So anyway, on to the next project, which was inspired by this Pinterest. I take that pinterest seriously folks. Be careful with what you pin on your boards. Cause I will do it. I will jump off a cliff if your pinterest board makes it look pretty enough.
 Well first of all, I saw this picture second, because obviously buying baby socks would have been approximately five million point two percent easier than the project I did. But I did get the idea for the tiny clothespins from this one, so it was not all in vain.
This was the original pin. This is actually an advent calendar. I think I originally went into the project thinking that making 25 tiny socks was a great idea. And then I remembered that I'm not a sewist and that sewing is not fun but necessary to achieve cute stuff.

So here's my version. It's funny, it didn't look sad to me until I looked at it right after the professional socks....
Now it's as if these tiny baby stockings are crying out, "please, put us out of our misery and sell a child to Rumpelstiltskin so you can buy a real stocking chain." Hush socks, it will be okay.
See, you look pretty cute form this angle! So, yeah, I bought a bunch of sweaters from goodwill and traced around a tiny stocking pattern and then sewed around the edges. Voila! Instant baby sock sized stockings!

I hung them up in Maddy's room while she was gone at preschool, relishing the thought of how pleased she would be when she got home. I told her to go into her room and see what was different. She came back and said, "Get those socks out of there NOW!" Um, she didn't like them. Whaaa? I think she must have seen the pinterest photos too....too bad, they are staying! And you will like them young lady! (and I might have bribed her with a lollipop....I can't remember, but with the picture above, I'm thinking I probably did).

So there she is, her beautiful Christmas bed. It is snuggly and cute. The girl is too.
The stockings and bedspread make me happy.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot that I made a pillow out of the rest of one of the sweaters and I kind of hate it. But I sewed it by golly, and it's going on the blog.
So. Now that you've read this bunch of crazy, how are you Christmas decoratings going? Or Christmas shoppings? Or....I know you're rolling your eyes.  That's ok...we'll see who has the last ho ho ho....

(this blog post was written under the influence of sweet barbecue flavor potato straws. I take no responsibility for the content).

bytheway, next up on my pinterest remake list:
 something from here
and making over a goodwill bucket.