Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Don't roll your eyes at my socks!

I don't know what was up with me, but all of the sudden I got major bloggers block. Well...honestly I think it might have had something to do with having a sick baby. Something about wiping a screaming baby's nose five thousand times a day will suck the inspiration right out of you I'd say. But luckily I did these projects before Granters got sick.

I present, the christmas bedding. If anyone makes a comment about how it hasn't even been thanksgiving yet, well....I have nothing to say about that. :)

So, once upon a time it all began with me wanting to buy Madster some flannel sheets for the cooler weather. And also, I may or may not have seen this pin on pinterest:

This lady also put flannel sheets on her girls beds, and I fell in love with the buffalo check duvet covers at the same time as admiring their sheets. Upon using my crack research team "the Google" I realized the duvets were sold once upon a time by Pottery Barn and are no longer for sale. Besides, we all know what Pottery Barn is a synonym for: sell your children to Rumpelstiltskin for enough gold to buy something.
So, using a gift card to Joanns that I got for my birthday, I bought some fabric during their columbus day sale (or some other random holiday that they just use as an excuse to put mattresses, t.v.'s and fabric on sale).
I bought the flannel sheet set on ebay for super cheap. It has cute little stockings. All the other pillows I had laying around.

So I bought a full-size sheet from wal-mart to use at the backing and then made a duvet cover. I was and am extremely impressed with myself. I am not a sewer or sewist or seamstress. Don't look too close.

To close up the top, I used some extra binding that I had from the other project I'm going to show you in a second. I like the rustic/crazy lady feel they give to the overall project.

Crazy lady, because it looks like some sort of weird person forgot how to sew buttons and just tied stuff together. I am very sorry to say that is the exact truth. But I still like how it looks. Take that, buttons.
And, just like my usual give a mouse a cookie ways, if I changed the bedding, the curtains would look really weird (they were flowers), so I used some fabric I got a long time ago and sewed it to an old shower curtain I had lying around. I have a lot of stuff laying (lying? please, grammar police, don't tell me. I got away with an english degree without knowing, and I don't intend on changing that for anyone!) around the house.

So anyway, on to the next project, which was inspired by this Pinterest. I take that pinterest seriously folks. Be careful with what you pin on your boards. Cause I will do it. I will jump off a cliff if your pinterest board makes it look pretty enough.
 Well first of all, I saw this picture second, because obviously buying baby socks would have been approximately five million point two percent easier than the project I did. But I did get the idea for the tiny clothespins from this one, so it was not all in vain.
This was the original pin. This is actually an advent calendar. I think I originally went into the project thinking that making 25 tiny socks was a great idea. And then I remembered that I'm not a sewist and that sewing is not fun but necessary to achieve cute stuff.

So here's my version. It's funny, it didn't look sad to me until I looked at it right after the professional socks....
Now it's as if these tiny baby stockings are crying out, "please, put us out of our misery and sell a child to Rumpelstiltskin so you can buy a real stocking chain." Hush socks, it will be okay.
See, you look pretty cute form this angle! So, yeah, I bought a bunch of sweaters from goodwill and traced around a tiny stocking pattern and then sewed around the edges. Voila! Instant baby sock sized stockings!

I hung them up in Maddy's room while she was gone at preschool, relishing the thought of how pleased she would be when she got home. I told her to go into her room and see what was different. She came back and said, "Get those socks out of there NOW!" Um, she didn't like them. Whaaa? I think she must have seen the pinterest photos too....too bad, they are staying! And you will like them young lady! (and I might have bribed her with a lollipop....I can't remember, but with the picture above, I'm thinking I probably did).

So there she is, her beautiful Christmas bed. It is snuggly and cute. The girl is too.
The stockings and bedspread make me happy.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot that I made a pillow out of the rest of one of the sweaters and I kind of hate it. But I sewed it by golly, and it's going on the blog.
So. Now that you've read this bunch of crazy, how are you Christmas decoratings going? Or Christmas shoppings? Or....I know you're rolling your eyes.  That's ok...we'll see who has the last ho ho ho....

(this blog post was written under the influence of sweet barbecue flavor potato straws. I take no responsibility for the content).

bytheway, next up on my pinterest remake list:
 something from here
and making over a goodwill bucket.


the emily said...

LOVE those sheets/pillowcases. Now I want a Christmas bedroom.

luvnmy10 said...

so cute! Oh to have the energy of young ins like yourself!!

Gabrielle said...

Very Cute!

Kelly said...

True dat, how do you have the energy. It takes me weeks to finish projects. I am totally impressed with your duvet cover! That seems too intimidating to me. Maybe that or I have other things that interest me more at the moment. Seriously the room is great. I might have had a thought at looking at one of the socks you made, that made me think Elf. Very cute bedding though, you could keep that for spring too!

Jessica Patton said...

I love the polka dot curtains!!! And I love that you told the socks to hush. That made my day :)

The Luckiest said...

I have avoided Pinterest for this exact reason. I'm truly afraid of losing my life to it.... and not being able to make things as cute as what I find on there. I did JUST buy fabric to make Christmas stockings for C and future munchkins on Tuesday. I'm excited for that project (look for it on my blog!). And I am also giving serious consideration to making a duvet cover with matching curtains for my bedroom. Does this mean we have great minds??? I'm going with that :)

Melanie and Jared said...

I love the Christmas bedding! And it is perfectly fine to celebrate Christmas as soon as Nov 1 comes. If you wait until after Thanksgiving, there is not enough time to enjoy it. In fact, Christmas is almost over so you shouldn't even bother. So Christmas it up and keep sending pictures, because I have no will or energy to do anything crafty/creative/cute this year.

Carrie said...

I have always wanted a Christmas bedroom too! Lucky little Maddy! Pinterest is sooo much fun and it's quick and easy to find cute ideas =D Good job Jennifer! Now come and do my room! And your little socks are cute and crack me up! It's all darling :-)

maugers said...

Very cute, but my favorite part was that Maddy didn't want them in her room :) And that you typed Whaa! I'm cracking up, kids sure do put you in your place huh? Alex told me at the bus stop that I had some really nice blubber on my stomach.... I laughed for the public and secretly wanted to cry. Kids!

Kellie said...

I am really quite impressed, I thought you said you didn't sew! Sounds to me like you were just being modest!

Olga said...

I am about to make the same as an advent calendar for my kiddos as well! Great idea, right? Well, I'm your newest follower, as I just found your blog. I'm a new blogger myself. Want to pay a visit? ( I would be thrilled to see you around at my place and have you as my newest member as too!
Love, Olga

Kim said...

LOVE the bedding! And I need a 12 step program to deal with Pinterest. My husband will likely be staging an intervention soon.