Sunday, November 13, 2011

a few things

1. i made some pillow cases out of napkins. they look suitably cozy. I'll get on taking their pictures stat.

2. I read this book and love it. LOVE it. I usually find books like this cheesy, but not this one.
A friend from church wants me to take some photos of a family at church to sort of recreate the book, and so I had to read it. I was dubious, and now I'm a fan. Now I need a copy.

3. I did a big grocery shop on Saturday and several people said comments like, "whoa, are you feeding a whole village at home" or other things like that. To me, this is akin to asking a pregnant woman if she is having twins. Keep your eyes outta my cart people! (or at least don't tell me that it looks like I am a food hoarder, sheesh).

4. I was teaching a lesson in church today and meant to read, "adam and eve's eyes were opened." instead I read it, "adam and eve's flies were opened." oh mylanta. It took a while for the class to recover after that one.

5. Remember that painted bucket with the dots I saw on pinterest and wanted to recreate? I hate to tell you this, but if you ever title one of your pins on pinterest as "super easy to DIY" it will come back to haunt you in your over-confident face. My bucket looked like it caught the measles. I may or may be trying again. Me and the bucket are still in a fight.

6.My baby has double ear infections and doesn't like to be left to his own devices for long. It was slowly driving me weepy and exhausted this week, but the miracle of medicine is working it's magic and he is slowly getting better.

7. Why are men SO DANG HARD to shop for for Christmas? I mean, it's easy to buy socks and Itunes gift cards, but those are so boring. And I don't have five million dollars for some cool gadget. What are you getting your husband/father/brother/significant male in your life? I won't tell....

8.I have been trying to wear contacts more often because I saw a picture of myself from a few years ago and I convinced myself that I looked so good because I wasn't wearing glasses. The most interesting part of this experience (besides realizing that it was also the fact that I was ten years younger in that photo) is that I keep trying to push my glasses back up my nose so I can see better. And then there is nothing there. And then I feel dumb and laugh at myself. and look around to make sure no one saw.

9. Little known fact (or easily forgotten fact) buying wrapping paper and stocking stuffers costs quite a bit of money too, and yet I don't ever really consider it a major expense every year. That's how they get you. Darn them and their cute reindeer wrapping paper.

10. John's Mom sent Maddy some "Speed Stacks Cups." When I opened the box, I was like, Uh, what in the world, she sent us a bunch of plastic cups to play with?? And then Maddy got a hold of them and they are about the funnest toy she has played with in years. So, I highly recommend getting your kids some plastic cups and saving yourself $500 in other toys for Christmas. plus, babies like to knock them down too.

another scattered list from my scattered brain. isn't it scary to get a peek inside?? :)


the emily said...

When I was camp director 2 years ago Jenny Phillips came to Girls camp and sang the songs and read parts of that story. Each of us got an autographed copy of the book and CD. So cool.

I do that same thing (push up non-existent glasse) after I've been wearing glasses for an extended period of time and go back to contacts.

I spend $70 or more on stocking stuffers every year. I hate it.

Kellie said...

lol! I love your list! I can relate with #8, remind me to tell you about the time I donated 17 inches of hair and then forgot I didn't have any...Yeah, it's a funny story, I'll have to tell you sometime. I'm sorry baby is still not feeling well! Ear infections arn't contagious are they? We need to get the girls together.

Carrie said...

Thank you for the giggle tonight! I can't sleep and went blog browsing :-) They were all good!

Jodi & Chris Reeve said...

I am getting Chris a couple of church type books he has been wanting at dessert, plus they sent me coupons with free shipping, so I can't beat that. Also, a groupon for the nashville orchestram only $29 instead of normal $70!

I always buying wrapping paper after christmas is over, it is at least 50% off and then I feel better about that.

As far as the kids stockings go, I hide some of the halloween candy (cause they have way too much of it) and use that to put in the stocking. This means less candy aftr Halloween and I don't have to buy it twice. Then I always give them undies and socks as part of their stockings, so I know they are always in good shape ever year in that department. I often will add a DVD to it too, but yes, it can add up!

BexxT said...

Stacking cups are the best. We have a set of 9 and while Kings can't stack them up, he can 1. throw them. 2. Drool in them. 3. Knock them down. 4. bang them on the floor. 5. bang them into each other. 6. put the small ones in his mouth (they aren't that small, 8 and 9 are perfectly mouth sized if he opens WAY up. Looks painful to me, but he likes to do it.) 7. yell into them s it echoes back (go go acoustic science!) 8. put them in each other. 9. carry them around. 10. Use the big ones to put other things, like alphabet blocks, inside...

If I stack them up, it is one of the few things that will make him crawl more than 3 feet to get to... he sees something to knock down and he is all over that!

val said...

I think you are adorable. Sorry someone was mean to you. Glad I hopped on raelynns blog so I could hop on yours. Love the Christmas bedding and science project. You are a fun mom.