Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How to get your christmas jiggy on

 First, get some letters and some glitter and some glue and make some really sparkly letters that spell out a Christmasy word. The redder the glitter=the more Christmas spirit you feel. Then, put it on a goodwill shelf that you found for 3 dollars. Ignore the 1985 heart cutout because it's for Christmas, so you're allowed to have cheesy things like around. Plus...uh, it was three dollars.
 Sew more Christmas pillows out of napkins. Find some candy cane stripe/ticking stripe bedding (and if you're super cheap like me, sell something around your house to bankroll that purchase).

 napkins with ribbons, check
 napkins without ribbons, check.
 Study pictures of Pottery Barn's website and decide that 1. you need a headboard, and 2. you are not paying $900 for one, and 3. study how they make their beds look so very cozy and try to recreate said coziness (and fail, but still, it was fun). Have you ever noticed that PB takes their bedding pictures from a bit below the bed level? Weird, but it works....

 Here's the pottery barn inspiration. Bytheway, I did not get my bedding from them. It's just a look alike. :) I mostly loved their headboard in this.

I blatantly copied the shelf, sparkly letters, dog picture idea from this better homes and gardens picture. John made fun of me and asked if I was going to get some puppies to put on the bed too. Maybe I will mister...don't put ideas into my head....
 Buy your headboard from craigslist for twenty bucks and spray paint it oil rubbed bronze. But here's where you should differ from me--try not to throw up because you accidentally breathed in a puff of spray paint like a rookie. Also, don't have your four year old watching the whole process so she can run behind you (as you run for the water closet) yelling," Mommy!!! ARE YOU THROWING UP MOMMY???"

Surprisingly, throwing up is something I prefer to do without commentary.

 Here's what the headboard looked like before. Pretty standard. Or substandard if we're being really honest. Pretend like you don't notice the fact that my garage floor is bright red....
 You are wondering what this is? This is evidence of my genius. So I had to show you. The headboard sat too low for my taste, so I cut some MDF all by my little self and drilled some holes and attached it. Instant elevator shoes for a bed.

 Let's get back to the pretty pictures. I also added some artwork above the nightstands. That was free. No really. I had the frames in the garage. They were holding some artwork I didn't like anymore (they were originally thrift store frames I painted). I took out the artwork, and then I covered the backing with a sheet of coloring paper that I stole from Maddy. It's the paper from Ikea that they use for their easels. It is a nice cream color and quite thick. I just used double sided tape and wrapped the back board from the frame like a present and taped the image on top. Easy and free!
 Free also because I googled "antique sketches" and remembered how awesome this Da Vinci horse sketch was--so I printed it on my normal printer and put it on my husband's side.

For my own side, I picked this pretty lady. Again, just googled antique sketches. If you want a link, let me know.
Here it all is again.

 And now that you're suitably impressed, I take this opportunity to show you what the other side of the room looked like. I take this chance to remind you that every single blog is pretend fancy if you have kids. Because kids don't like pottery barn houses. They like inflated duck bath houses. And I like kid houses, so I guess by the transitive property I like duck bath houses. 

And now you see why I did not study math in college. (hey, I'm proud I remembered the term "transitive property")

And well...I'm sorry to embarrass barbie like this, but this was found on my floor as well.
He was hanging out, checking out my makeover too. Since he promptly threw off the cute frame I had put on the sidetable, I took that as baby speak for him approving. I then moved the cute frame back to the garage. My style can only take so much baby approval.


Jessica Patton said...

Ah ha! I have pillows with the same napkins (3rd pic). Yours looks much better! :)I love your blog, I really relate to the real life stuff. :)

Teagan said...

GLITTER!! I love it. I also love inflated duck bath houses. You are one crafty genius. And I think you do need some puppies for the bed.

Kelly said...

LOVE!!!!! LOVE!!!! LOVE!!!! The headboard! That is one of the best reveals ever!!! No joke, I loved it! You are just so good. Come and do something interesting with my apartment will ya!

the emily said...

You AMAZE me. No seriously. Can your husband get my husband a job so we can be next-door-neighbors? Please? We would have SO MUCH FUN. You and your ideas. Sheesh.

On our 10th anniversary we were out to dinner and Dave pulled out this piece of paper with questions on it--a marriage time capsule, and he's going to ask me the same questions on our 20th anniversary and see how they compare. One of the questions was to name one thing you wish we had that we don't have (material possession, not outrageous--like a million dollars, etc.). My answer was a real bedroom set. I want a headboard with matching side tables so bad I ache for it. I hope by the 20th anniversary I have it. If I lived by you I totally would--did you know Gallup doesn't HAVE a Craigslist? Seriously.

val said...

Hi friend. Glad you popped over and said hi. Nope, the bliggity blog has always been public- feel free to come and go, comment or no comment. We've actually met now that I think about it...we bought a cedar chest you redid for my sisters bday a few years back.
Yes please on the link for those sketches! Love it. Wish I had your sewing skills...

Melanie and Jared said...

Pretty sure yours looks cozier than the PB pictures. And I love how you totally copied the NOEL and shelf. That was awesome. On a side note, If you switched the first two sentences then it would actually be transitive property, but I'll let it slide.

Carrie said...

Here is it in the middle of the night and I thought I would check out the blog to see if there was anything new and voila! I died laughing when I read the line about Maddy chasing after you!! Too funny and I can just see and hear it =D

The whole to do is very nice! Like the letters and the red ticking...oh and let's not forget the napkins with the ribbons! My personal favorite was the duck :o)

Grant was just getting into the redecorating thing...trying to be like mommy!

Tara, Doug, Isaac, and Lucy said...

You've got your groove on, Stella. I loved your headboard lift idea.

Vicki V @ said...

I am loving it all! I'm your newest follower. I especially love that you're keeping it real and that you are a thrifty genius.