Monday, November 21, 2011

I interrupt this blog

to announce that someday I want--nay, NEED--to own one of each of the following:

A vintage card catalog. I was proposed to in a library after all.

The RED mailbox.

A well-loved berry picking bucket.

a big old galvanized bucket.

A hand-twist doorbell.

A bed like this for Granty one day.

And lastly, but most belovedly, a mirror shaped just like this one. If I ever come across one, I think that music will know the romantic kind when the two long lost lovers run across a field of flowers into each others arms? Reminds me of this clip. I would be Miss Piggy and the mirror would be Kermit. True love.

So yeah, this post basically means that I'm not ready to show you my project. The number one inhibitor of progress these days is sleeping babies. That also happens to usually be the number one proponent of progress around here too, so we are at a bit of a standstill (we have to nail stuff to the wall right outside sleeping baby's room). Hopefully we'll get a chance tomorrow.

What are some of your crazy and random wants?


Kelly said...

I would have definately pegged you for all of the above. Glad to know that I know your taste. Gives me confidence for Christmas. Not a ton, but a little. lol.

BexxT said...

I would like abs like this:

But as I am unwilling to cut calories, cut sweets, or well, be crazy, I will live with abs like this:

Also an iPad 2.

And someone else to paint my front gated "porch" thing. It isn't big enough to be a porch, but I gated it in anyways.

Lori said...

Uh oh. Did you have post remorse and unpublish that last post or is my computer being funny? I've done that though. I actually got on my computer just to write you a comment about that post today. I read it earlier on reader and for some silly reason you can't comment on google reader (yet, I hope they change that).

Anywho. I know what you mean about just having blah days. And you feel make yourself feel guilty by thinking that Mom's who work outside the home would love to complain about being at home all day. We their life may be hard but that doesn't mean the life of a stay at home mom isn't too!

I actually wrote this long ranting post a few days ago and Jason stopped me from posting it because it was just so negative. But I had a bad day and venting about it made me feel a little better (even if it's not published, it's still saved). Any whoo I feel ya! Some days you just don't get anything done. My MIL tries to tell me to give myself a break sometimes but I still feel guilty at the end of the day when I don't do laundry and the sink's full. I can't help it. It's not enough guilt to motivate me to get up and do those things usually though ;)

Sorry about the mini rant.

Kim said...

Have just found your blog and love it. We clearly were separated at birth. And I have a hand twist doorbell! It's charming and irritating all at the same time. But is always everyone's favorite thing at my house. Off to read more....