Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Sista

is going to be disgruntled because I told her that I was working on a project today and she told me to post some pictures, but I didn't take any and so, I am sorry to tell you dear sister, in this super long run on sentence, that you will have to wait a day. But, in good news, I have some other stellar photos.
 She is oh so sad because she cannot find any "friends"
 but then, she realizes a few are trapped in our thing that is supposed to kill yellow jackets (and has yet to catch any yellow jackets)

 She caught two of them. Her expression speaks for itself.
 For the record, those things give me the willies. She is not scared. Shortly after this, she somehow also caught a frog. She caught a different frog the day before. She's getting pretty good! (she also informed me that they have "tape on their feet" because they are sticky. cute.)
I also get some beautiful bouquets out of her outdoor exploits as well. She never ceases to make me smile.


Kelly said...

Sad no project pictures! That is okay I worked on a project yesterday and took pictures of mine so you can see mine. I'll see the finished project of yours.

Kellie said...

she's such a qt. My daughter has made several pictures for her at school. I hope your little one gets wellsoon!

Carrie said...

I can't believe that she actually picks those things up!! Yikes! It gives me the willies too :o)