Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stand Back, I'm Going to Try Science!

So I was being awesome one day and used a birthday gift card that I got a while ago and bought a science kit for John and Maddy to play together.  I sit and watch them do it, but I specifically wanted something that the two of them could bond over and do. When the package came in the mail, Maddy could not have been more excited. Some of her statements over the kit:

"Mom, I need to tell the missionaries that I got some science." (we had the missionaries over for dinner a few weeks ago...that is all I can come up with as to why they came up lol).

"The dog is in the house. That is it! (said like she's had it up to here)....I need to use science!"

"Daddy, I need a bath tonight." "Why?" "because we can do science in the tub!"

So, as you can see, she was thrilled, and also, she has no idea what science really means. :)

Here are a few photos of our future nobel prize winning chemist.
 I see you!
 Checking out the specimens
 better take a closer look

 the "making snow" experiment
 just add water
 and it becomes super awesome stuff
 i'm sure most of you know this is the same stuff you find inside diapers. but cool nonetheless
 she was a little attached to that thing
 using her first pipette. Daddy was so proud. No seriously, he was.
 she LOVES it. daddy LOVES it. Mommy loves them loving it.
I also love this.


the emily said...

I love that! I need one for Isaac, he would go nuts. You're awesome. Also that last picture is awesome too.

Kelly said...

Love the last picture especially!

Kellie said...

I love that last pic!

Carrie said...

I have to get me one of those magnifying glasses too!! Has she tried any 'science' on Grant yet! haha And yes, I like the last photo too :o)