Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This little fellow

 He deserves a post all of his own. It's been a while.

 Mr. G is getting so big. He is pulling himself up and acting like some sort of walking man. But really, he's still a crawling baby. And if he knows what's good for him, he'll stay that way. I need him to stay tiny for a long time.
 One sock on, the other off, watching Maddy play outside.
 "But of course you may take my photograph young lady" Give this fella a top hot and he may just start tap dancing with a pose like that.
 Even with the requisite drool, he makes an adorable sight.
 hahahahaha (and it's all fun and games until he gets those eight teefers on your fingers, and then you know that scowl means business)

 sigh :)
 He is a big time eater. He eats three tubs of baby food at every meal, and then eats off of our plates. It's kind of unrreal how much he can pack away. He literally eats more than Maddy. Recent favorites are bites of pizza and noodles and sips of whatever Mom and Dad are drinking.
 He has a few obsessive loves at this stage of his life (besides eating): crawling after Mom and whining until she picks him up, being carried around with a self-satisfied smile that earns him about five thousand kisses from said Mom, being swaddled when he sleeps (yes, still!), bathtime with his sister where he splashes them both and then freaks out because he just splashed himself, biting fingers and then crying when you yelp in pain, never holding still when you try to change his diaper, adoring Maddy with all of his little baby heart, and smiling at you whenever you look at him. He is SUCH a smiley baby.
 He also likes to charm the socks off of the local senior citizen population. Everyone loves his eyes, just like they loved Maddy's eyes when she was tiny.
 Mom's favorite game (that Grant doesn't like) is to move when he is crawling towards her with his head down. By the time he lifts his head his target has moved and he gets really mad. Mom has a really terrible sense of humor.

 But he can't stay mad at his Mommy, who he loves to refer to as Na-Na. She is wrapped around his little baby finger. Of course, Daddy and Maddy love him too. :)


John & Jennifer Savage said...

He is just the babiest little baby!! We love him so.

Teagan said...

I like the last picture because it looks like he's about to say "FACT" just like in the Kid History short about Brett ruining the day. If you haven't seen it, check it out, it's my favorite:

Kelly said...

Pretty much love that during looking at the pictures I had the thought, "he is a boy!" I dont know why but that just is sooooo cool! You have a boy! love the pictures!

Carrie said...

Nice dedicatory post to the cutest little guy around =D

luvnmy10 said...

I think his eyes are gorgeous, but his feet, oh the feet are to die for!! Mr G, you are a handsome little man.

the emily said...

He is seriously the cutest little boy. I love his eyes too!

I get stopped almost daily about Zoe's blue eyes and blond hair. It's kind of a phenomenon among the Native Americans apparently.

Jodi & Chris Reeve said...

Love all his teeth!