Friday, November 18, 2011

Tips for feeling content this Christmas

1. Do not look at Black Friday ads

2. Do not look at Black Friday ads

3. Make yourself a cup of hot cocoa

 if possible, make it from Ghiradelli 73% cacao chocolate bars and cream. 

4. But don't read the Black Friday ads while you drink your cocoa.

and there you have the recipe for contentment this Christmas. I'm feeling really good not knowing what I'm "missing" and don't really need. What's your recipe for contentment this year?

p.s. I know a lot of people just go out for fun and a few deals on black friday, and I think that's awesome (really!). This is just a personal recipe for me....that includes chocolate. and in all likelihood I'll probably go to Target later in the day on black friday just for fun. But the stressful feeling that I'm missing out on some great deal that I would have to push past fifty rabid other shoppers just to realize they only had two in the store to begin with...well I've decided to skip that.  Ahhh, it feels good. :)


Jodi & Chris Reeve said...

I finish my shopping before Thanksgiving. I know I may miss some random deal, but this way I get only what the kids really want (while still in stock) and not be in the mess of it all. I don't like crowds. WE are actually taking a day trip to Birmingham since Chris has a free hotel night saved up with reward travel points and we get into places free with our zoo and science passes, so not tempting me.

the emily said...

I have a post in the works about black friday...I HATE it. It ruins Thanksgiving for me. My sisters and mom and I used to go shopping and have lunch on Black Friday but now it's turned into this demonic black hole of hate and I wish we could skip right over it. I also hate cacao.

BexxT said...

Hells no, I don't go shopping on Black Friday. I mean, come one, it's called BLACK Friday. It is a black hole of consumerism and misery. No thank you.

Plus, it feels like (the one time I did go as a favor to a friend who needed a shopping buddy) that all people and my friend did was buy stuff that was on sale. I didn't find anything except a blu ray that was marked down- because I have a list of exact things I am looking for.

Like this year- I had a list of 4 things that I really wanted to get Kingsley. I've been looking for them in some marked down way for months. And I just found the last one a couple of days ago. So he is getting 4 really cool toys- well I think they are cool anyways- that will grow with him for awhile.

But yeah. Just say no to black friday.

Teagan said...

Wow, that looks like a hot chocolate slurry. Which makes me think of the song "The surrey with the fringe on top" from Oklahoma. Very nice.

Kelly said...

I am one that likes Black Friday...But we only go for what we know Lylia wants. Oh and usually I have birthday money around that time, so I get more for my dollar for myself! That is right I think of myself. lol. But your hot chocolate looks flippin amazing!!! Can you make me some of that at Christmas time?! I'll supply the ingredients!!! That seriously made me drool! Don't worry I don't think any of Maddy's must haves are in the ads. Let me know and I'll keep my eye out. No point in us both getting black eyes. Lol. Just kidding, never happened. For some reason standind in line in the cold made it feel more like Christmas. Totally commercial I know, but knowing that I am in line to get the gift they've been dying for, and I didn't have to spend full price, priceless!

The Luckiest said...

I am SO with you on avoiding the people who are out for blood on black Friday. Even though there is an official "cyber monday" for online shopping deals, most websites still have amazing deals on black friday so I always shop online that day! I have been loading my and carts for 2 weeks with all the things I'm getting for my nieces & nephews which is the majority of my shopping. So I can just get up on Friday and click "check out!" It's a great way to still get sales while avoiding everything you dislike about black friday - plus you can sip that hot cocoa the whole time :)