Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the big switch (oh boy)

So we switched the kids rooms because Grant's room shares a wall with the entryway and it was constantly waking him up (and shared another wall with the living room, where we hang out all of the time). I thought I was SO smart.

Fast forward two days when I realize that now I can no longer flush my toilet without waking him up at night. I can no longer open the "push only" doors into my bathroom without waking him up.

Moral of the story, your baby is going to wake up and make you want to tear your hair out no matter which room they are in. The only solution is the padded room for mom. The end. :)


the emily said...

I always run a fan in my babies rooms for this very reason--it drowns out noise! Plus I learned a year or so ago that it helps prevent SIDS by circulating the air when the door is closed. Try it! I even do it in the winter, just face the blower against a wall so it doesn't freeze them out.

Missy said...

Oh man that is the worst for me! Don't wake the baby! I'm constantly saying that. We run a humidifier here in Utah for that same reason. White noise is soothing and being so dry here they need it! It definitely helps!

BexxT said...

Oh man, Jenn, you are preaching to the Bekah choir right now. We have 2 rooms downstairs, one is the studio and the other is Kingsley's room. Kingsley's room backs up to the garage and the entry way and the other room. I can't do laundry when Kingsley is sleeping. Or leave. Or get home. Or go out in the back yard. So we were thinking, well, even though we put up a chair rail and stuff, we could move Kings into the studio and then move the studio into his bedroom, no big deal.

And then I read this post. Because the studio backs up to the bathroom. And directly above the downstairs bathroom is the upstairs bathroom.

And seriously, Kings wakes up when Adam moves too much in bed in the morning. Just to put this in perspective our bedroom is upstairs, the bed is not directly above his room and Adam isn't exactly a big guy. Kings here's a slight creak while napping and is up. Drives me nuts.

Happened today. Kings woke up because Adam was talking to his business partner at the kitchen table. So I spent 45 minutes holding Kings so he would sleep (normally I make him tough it out when he gets angry during naps, but I just didn't have the heart for that today.)

So, you are in good company. And if you are advertising padded rooms, can you rsvp me for one?

BexxT said...

hahaha oh man, I totally meant hears not "here's" wth is wrong with me?

Rachel Keyser said...

We do the same as Emily....downside...I still have to sleep with a fan. As Mel. She hated being my roommate.

Tara, Doug, Isaac, and Lucy said...

Jenn, I love your family picture so much!!!!!!!!!! You did an incredible job, as always, with your decorations, but the happiest thing of all is that awesome picture. I want one with my family...at the beach...with the waves.

Valerie said...

We do a fan as well because Brendan would wake Alex up if he got up in the night or early in the morning. Now that it's cold, we do a cd of white noise to drown out anything that might disturb him and it really pays off!