Thursday, December 1, 2011

a little christmas finery

So just for a reminder, here's where we started. Not too bad, but I wanted something cozier for Christmas.

So after the pinspiration, we got busy:

 I was quite proud of how I figured out how to make the top row of molding look chunkier. I'm easily proud of myself as you can tell.
We had some sad times along the way (uh, I thought we had a bucket of that brown from the previous owners, not so much...we had to try and color match and that was kind of tricky, but we figured it out in the end). Plus, cutting the holes for the power switches turned into a bigger project than we hoped too. Me + Math= Sad Times for everyone. But luckily caulk and paint cover a multitude of sins. (aka don't look too close). The most excellent news is this project was super cheap. We paid twenty dollars for one sheet of beadboard and had them cut it down to size at Home Depot. We had the top trim, and the boards and small trim were only a few dollars each. I already had the paint.

So while I was making over the space, it kept bugging me how little light there was by the front door. Also, these standard light fixtures are pretty ugly. Since I now know that John can switch out light fixtures (ha I bet he wished he had kept that information to himself!) I was on the look-out.

I found this lovely for $15 at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. With a little paint I still had leftover from my headboard makeover, I had this lady looking better in no time.

I took out the glass because the beveled edges aged it, and I think it looks good without! Now it has four 60 watt bulbs and there is tons of light (and it looks about 7000 watts times better).
 I know what you're many pictures can she take of a light. SO MANY! hahaha
There are those three wreaths. They were only 2.48 at Wal-mart. I thought that was pretty amazing.
These little school chairs are still some of my favorite things in my house. Maddy uses them to put her shoes on.

this is where this project ended up, along with some college textbooks.

And after looking at the inspiration photo, I felt like I needed something above the beadboard. I decided to put Maddy's silhouette up and make Grant one as well. Have you ever tried to make a silhouette from a baby picture when they have little to no neck, and forty to seventy adorable baby chins??? Yeah, it's hard folks. But I still like how it turned out. :) (though I did have to order more black ink after all of the tries. The final product I ended up cutting out of construction paper!)

So now on to the rest of the Christmas decorating extravaganza!! We got that "canvas" looking picture from Wal-mart. They now do faux canvas art for a pretty good price. It definitely isn't as nice of quality as a real canvas, but I would say I like how it turned out overall. I mostly just love having a big picture of my family over the mantel.

I also love these little yo-yo things. I found the garland at k-mart of all places. I bet if you are a seamstress like my Mom you could make one of these in about five seconds. I, alas, have to pay for my cuteness.

I never forget to add copious amounts of berries to every surface. What Christmas is complete without flying berries I ask you??

Oh, another picture of the front area, well okay, if you insist.

We get a new disney ornament for special occasions in our family. We have one for the year we were married (we went to Disney World on our honeymoon), one commemorating our first date that John bought me, one for Maddy's first Christmas, one for last year when I was pregnant with Grant, and now this is Grant's first Christmas. I usually like to get one that says "baby's first Christmas" but couldn't find one, and this ornament is SO much cooler. It does all sorts of fancy tricks. Even our dog can't do that many tricks. (though that is a weak standard to be honest).

You know I'm all about the free art. I found these from an old Etsy item that was sold of vintage Christmas cards. There were probably five that sort of matched and looked like cut outs. I loved them and just printed them from the computer. Here's the link.

and lastly, what Christmas post would be complete without a look at Maddy's rendition of that beautiful night. The nativity definitely needs a mythical creature or two, and a goat on a palm tree, don't you think??


Katie Browning said...

How do you find the energy?! Just looking at your masterpieces makes me exhausted! Amazing as always!

Jodi & Chris Reeve said...

Yeah I am just not that creative. Sigh. But, your house looks great! I love your new family picture, I may have to check that out at walmart, thanks for the tip!

the emily said...

Dude. How can life ever be bad/hard/sad when you live in a house like that? you AMAZE ME.

Melanie and Jared said...

The chunky molding is amazing. Way to go on Christmasing your house, it would make me so happy to see Christmas in every room. Also, the unicorn really threw Sasha into confusion when I was explaining what everything was. Jesus and a unicorn? I think she thinks thats part of the story now.

Robin said...

Wow. You do an amazing job decorating. I haven't put up any decorations at all yet!

We went to Disney on our honeymoon too! Best place to honeymoon.

Katamaran said...

I love it all! I'm jealous you have a fire place! I told my husband the other day "I wish I had a mantle to decorate" and he looked at me confused "do you mean you wish you had a fireplace?" to which I said "no, no, just the mantle" LOL! You're projects are all so beautiful! You're so inspiring! I love love LOVE the family canvas <3

Kellie said...

Totally cute! I need to get my decor up too!

luvnmy10 said...

Sooooo cute!

Kelly said...

Justin and I both said in unison "she is so good at that!" when I have a house can you help me? I am serious! I love what you do. Also the light fixtures make me jealous even though I don't have a house to put the in. But when I do, bet your bottom dollar you'll be looking for some for me! I've never found anything that looks like that! Anyway amazing! Thanks for the amazing post for my birthday!

JosephSavage said...

I wish your blog had a "like" button. Ideally, for each photo that you post.
Most specifically, all of your family photos make me want to give all of you a huge group hug. And then go play in the backyard with a big ball and a wiffle-ball bat while Granty watches.

liz said...

You seriously amaze me!

Carolyn @ Adrift on the Lake said...

I came across your blog this morning and have enjoyed reading it very much! LOVE your creativity!! I'm your newest follower. :)

Anne said...

Love the new light fixture. Everything looks great! Very festive