Sunday, December 18, 2011

random stuff plus a "had it lying around the house" project

I apologize for the cell phone pictures, but that is what I've had on hand these past few days. Convenience beats out fancy photos 9 times out of 10.
 Wave hello to my little lamb. She was the star of of her preschool Christmas program. Well....besides the Star star obviously. The great part of John losing his job? He actually got to come and see her program and she was SO excited. I was too. I handed over the baby to him and enjoyed myself immensely.
 So before the great job debacle, I bought this amazing frame at Goodwill last week. It was empty, so I took my time trying to decide what I wanted to use it for--a fancy chalkboard? (you know I love those), just a plain old picture frame with an amazing family picture in it, or something else. In the end I had already planned on making a little corkboard inspiration wall for myself next to where I edit photos, and since I had the cork tiles on hand we turned it into a bulletin board. Easy and cheap project since my project days will be on hold for a bit.
 Look Teagan, your postcard made the inspirational images/papers bulletin board. :) Also, don't you like that quote? I got it from pinterest. (are you on pinterest? If so, we should follow each other. I love that place. It's like I get an inside picture into my friends minds and they have the best taste!)
 And this came from pinterest too. I like the idea of tying all of my worries to a balloon and letting it float away. Just let it go. You'll feel better. I know I do.

Next on the agenda is two in person interviews for John tomorrow, one phone interview tomorrow, and another phone interview on Wednesday. We hit the ground running folks. We don't mess around, no sir. :)


Emily Foley said...

Wow! Good luck on the job searches! And also, SO CUTE. Maddy, the board, the frame, everything.

luvnmy10 said...

I love the balloon picture-my new mantra when needed-let it go. So simple and yet so difficult at times! I love your fancy framed bulletin board, sooo cute. Good luck to John on interviews this week, we are praying for you all.

Teagan said...

Oh, I noticed!! :)

Tara, Doug, Isaac, and Lucy said...

Jenn, I'm sorry about John losing his job, and it is incredible that so many people are interviewing him. You guys do hit the ground running, and it looks like you will have some great prospects. I am praying for you.