Tuesday, December 18, 2012

whosits and whatsits galore

I just had to come on and post these pictures. I started to post them the other day, but didn't feel up to finishing it. We have been home sick sick sick with the flu. Really it's just Maddy that is sick for the most part, although I haven't felt the greatest either. It has been miserable watching poor Mads so sick. I think I have cried more than she has over her being sick. I just feel so bad for her. Hopefully she is on the upward swing. I am hoping that tomorrow will be the last day I need to keep her home, but we will see how tonight goes. Her fevers always seem to spike at night.

Anyway, here are some adorable photos of my adorable family. Above and below, behold our Granty in his dashing bowtie and jacket (that Grandma Savage made for Daddy when he was a little guy!). They say everything comes back in style, and this jacket sure did! He was the hit of nursery in church. The girls could not get enough of how cute he was. We called him The Professor all day.
For the love of bowties! 'Allo Guvna!
remember the olden days when i used to take nice pictures? they seem but a distant grainy memory....
favorite christmas cartoon hands down, chipmunks shooting the toy cannons with christmas candy. classic. also well loved, the one where donald and his nephews build snow forts, and donald makes a boat out of ice. please tell me you know what i'm talking about.

we took a drive to Christmas Town USA (it really is called that). People say it reminds them a lot of Normal Rockwell paintings. I could see that. It was very cute (and SOOO busy. We were in line in our car for hours).

I know I already posted pictures of the gingerbread house making night, but I couldn't believe that I neglected to post the picture below. It is too cute to miss.

we also made buttery spritz cookies with my cookie press. it is a family tradition that we used to do with my mom. I found out afterwards that these cookies are also called Swedish butter cookies, and that my Mom's mom used to make these as well. Maybe this is an old multi-generational tradition from a long time ago? who knows!

it looks disturbingly like playdough at this point
armed and delicious
doing homework the other day
we put her in a little ballet class that was really cheap (compared to the other classes I have seen). it's not fancy, but Maddy LOVES it (that is an understatement). She has been asking to do ballet literally for years but I was always too cheap. She makes sure to wear her little tights and leotard every week. it is the most precious thing ever. also, she is taller than all of the other kids by about a foot. no joke.
hey look, they are sitting close to each other and no one is crying or fighting. it's a christmas miracle!
probably someone is crying in this picture

i'm all about the cheap/easy advent activities, like make a christmas tree with dot markers that we already own
her's looks a bit more like a christmas bush, but don't tell her I said that

I snapped this photo because for some reason it hit me that i may one day miss seeing these two kids  sliding down the steps on their tiny cute bums together.
some cute toys that grandma gave us that used to be daddy's. that clown really shoots out of that rocket. it is basically the most fun ever

loved the door on this house. 

and below Maddy is sipping hot cocoa in jammies, the night we watched polar express. p.s. what is the deal with the hobo guy on that movie. seriously, WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THE HOBO GUY???? I don't get it.

and in a final note, hope you all have a fantastical christmas and that you got a christmas card. if not, you may be in my second batch that I haven't printed out yet. but it's a comin', don't give up hope. unless it gets to new years, and then you might want to give up hope.

Friday, December 14, 2012


There are no words today.

I will hug my kids and especially my sweetheart a little closer today. Every time a school shooting occurs,  a somber shadow of the past seems to loom a little larger in our house. In our helplessness, we pray for those families that have been affected by this horrible tragedy in Connecticut. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

then bob's your uncle

Hey friends, I wanted to let a few of you family and best friends since fourth grade know that I'm posting again privately on the savage family blog. remember that one from a long time ago? Well occasionally I still go on there and blog about stuff that I don't want everyone and their uncle bob to read about. nothing major, just my own personal space. if you can't find your invite, email me and i'll see if i can send you another one. and much love to everyone else, i don't mean to be exclusionary, but sometimes you gotta have a space to call your own where you know and trust everyone that is there.

Source: flickr.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

in other news, if you really do have an uncle bob, then you are pretty darn lucky. because who wouldn't want an uncle bob? i know i do. :)

I'll be back soon to post about more random stuff. i'm not abandoning pretend fancy by a long shot. i still have a lot of fake fanciness inside this soul.

Monday, December 3, 2012

sappy cutesy oh my gosh

 after dinner my husband announced the following: "I have a great idea for family night. How about I take the kids to Wal-mart to refill my prescription and why don't you stay home and relax."

Yes, my husband is the modern day equivalent of Joan of Arc. A hero, a selfless martyr (in the best sense of the word), and so very brave. Alas, I fear he may have a similarly bad ending with his noble plans. But bless him all the same. I love that guy so much.
 so I am relaxing by posting some pictures. I probably should be actually resting because I have been wrangling two sick kids all weekend and I'm not feeling all that peachy either, but blogging is fun. i have priorities, and they are messed up. this we know. (also, I would like to title the above photo, "The Enabler" since John is supposed to be helping Grant decorate his house, and instead appears to be giving him the candy to eat)
 anyway, we started our advent calendar activities, and I almost hate writing that out because I get all sorts of uncomfortable when we start doing cutesy things that awesome and organized and cutesy families do, but... let's be honest here, I mostly did it because I get excited about having something to do everyday that is out of the ordinary. Plus, Maddy happens to be at that age when Christmas is absolute magic. I will do whatever I have to do to encourage that magic, even if it means that I have to talk about sappy cutesy stuff.
 she makes sure we get the papers and treats out of the advent calendar first thing in the morning, this day it was gingerbread house decorating
 I had to post this redundant photo because i love the look of "what the heck is that kid doing behind my back" on Maddy's face. I don't blame her. you turn your back on that toddler and you're likely to regret it. I am surprised maddy doesn't have bald patches from him randomly pulling her hair out of "playfulness." heaven help us when he discovers how to be mean.

 okay another redundant picture. sue me, she looks cute in this one.
 see, a cutesy family would never look this disorganized while making their houses. they would be wearing matching sweater vests with snowflakes on them and sporting rosy cheeks. p.s. one of our houses looks suspiciously like an outhouse to me. martha stewart would never be caught dead with an outhouse in her gingerbread scenery
 then we had to wait for an hour while the icing hardened before we could decorate. longest hour of her life.
 it's as if i posed them exactly alike on separate couches. and yet, i didn't.

 and then another time this kid just walked around doing a sort of hula-esque dance move with his "nuggle" (blanket) wrapped around his waist. he is growing up into such a ham. I can already tell he is going to have a wickedly amazing sense of humor.

 I interrupt this blog post to bring you the BEST dang christmas soap ever invented. it's from target, and you will thank me someday if you get it. on a side sidenote, my hands are constantly chapped from washing my hands so much. having kids, PLUS having a kid in diapers, guarantees that you will wash your hands about five million times a day. i go through so much hand soap that I try to buy myself something I enjoy smelling since it is my number one hobby these days. side note over.

 i regularly find her giving her brother sips or nibbles from her personal plate or cup. this was her giving him some sips of her hot cocoa. he had already finished his. he likes the stuff on other peoples' plates better.

 a while ago I found an old Big Wheels from the thrift store for two bucks and Maddy and Grant have been loving it ever since. works great on our tiny patio.

 i know it appears that I am a mean mom and am torturing grant by not letting him outside. I assure you that is absolutely the truth.

 he had a cold and he had already been outside for a bit. so i'm only partially mean.

 this is one of my all time favorite pictures now. she makes me laugh

 Grant made me take this picture. he has a crazy fascination with birds. well since he can only say about thirty words I have to assume it's a crazy fascination, since he points them out incessantly saying "bird!!!!" over and over in a really excited voice.
 my buddy feeling sick

another favorite from the past week. maddy got sent to time out for being mean to her brother. Grant felt sorry for her and so he joined her and sat with her the entire time she was in time out.  this is actually a fairly regular occurrence. he just loves that girl so much.

The good news from today is that I think Maddy is well enough to go back to school tomorrow. Also great news is that we finished her Christmas Traditions poster and it is amazing (if I do say so myself).

The mediocre news is that John met with a mortgage person to ask a bunch of questions and find out what it will take to someday get back into a house for us. We are trying to tackle all major financial decisions head on so that we can get into the best possible position and be prepared.

The blah news is that down payments for houses seem so daunting after losing your equity from selling your previous house. We feel like we are starting over. But in good news, (because I like to end on a positive note) we are counting our blessings to be able to start over and that we were able to sell our home at all. I think most of my friends that are my age are going through similar struggles with homes/jobs/etc., and so I know we are not alone and that things will work out. They always do. Sometimes it just takes time.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Fa La La La Long

 Everyone should just prepare themselves for too many pictures. We decorated the house and we were feeling proud of it, so here are some photos to prove it.
 I'm sorry about these pictures. Cell phone pictures at night hurt my eyes too. It was the only way to get a picture of these amazing wreaths that I was so very proud of.

 Lest you think it's all been fun and games around here, I interrupt this Christmas post to show you how much laundry I had to do earlier this week. (this wasn't even all of it, gulp)
to add even more shame to the previous picture, I put Maddy in front of the pile to give it some scale. Don't forget that she also happens to be tall for her age. Mamma mia

 I put a desk into the living room because I thought it would be nice to have a little command station. The kids like it. Well mostly they like the ipad
 now there's a cell phone pic that doesn't make me want to cry from pain. not too bad!
 moved this chair in front of the fire to add to the cozy cottage feel

 I added the little boy to add to the crazy cottage feel
 see, it's working! very crazy

 dark photos of my entryway dresser

 just about the only cool things my dad ever made and that I didn't mind keeping
 bookshelves o' christmas
 that brass candlestick looks like a game of clue waiting to happen in real life

 we moved around stuff again. no big surprise. now the kids have an area to play downstairs. they love their easel and use it all of the time

 no, sorry, this blog post isn't over yet

 even the diaper basket caught the christmas spirit!
 still love the homemade stocking my mom made me

 i want you to know that I worked SO DANG HARD on this chalkboard art. I don't know why I care so much, but chalkboards are sort of fun to mess around with.
 speaking of which, I made another chalkboard using a thrift store frame that I've had forever and some chalkboard paint. this hangs over my command center
 here's some more photos of that area
 candy canes as decoration do not go well over here. those had to be hidden (and ok, eaten)

 cute boy alert! i shared this photo on facebook AND instagram. and now on my blog. because it's my party and i'll over-post adorable photos of my kids if I want to....plus, Grandma Jane doesn't read any of that other stuff. This one's for you Jane!
 Also in my stash of random stuff from thrift stores of the past, I had these pottery barn stockings. I bought them last year for $3 for the both of them. I sold them on ebay for about $26. John says that I made almost a 900% profit. It sounds more impressive saying that then saying you made $23 doesn't it?
 the night we decorated the tree and sat on dad

 and played with the christmas nativity

 and took cute pictures of children putting on ornaments with their daddy

 i love how determined Maddy's face looks in that one

 some people got creative with their use of the ornaments

 these pictures, as always, are out of order. here we are picking out our tree and sucking on some free suckers the tree people gave my kids.

 we used to have a fake tree, but he died on the move. let us have a moment of silence for our ugly walmart fake tree.
 i was thinking of buying another fake one, but figured we might as well do fresh since there was a place just around the corner from us and since we will probably be moving again sometime we better not risk another trees life needlessly

and so we finally leave you, after this epic post, with a view of one of santa's elves wearing her Hello Kitty sweatsuit. Can't wait to see what other christmas mischief we get into this month.