Saturday, January 28, 2012

Huh I just don't know

 I will start this post by saying that I have put off posting anything about this room because frankly it still kind of seems off to me. It isn't jiving with the elusive picture in my head that even I can't quite seem to pinpoint. So it's a work in progress. But here are some before shots.
 The bookshelf after I took off most of the books.
 Sadly, what John's desk looked like before I did this major purge. Now it is doing better.

 So I found these little shelf jobbies at Goodwill. I think they are actually intentioned for shoes. They reminded me of a Pottery Barn picture that I saw. If you squint really hard, you might think they were meant for this purpose.
 I just like anything in a jar. Somehow the jar just elevates the mundane.
 I tried my hand at a gallery wall, and I think that is what just doesn't feel quite finished/done right to me. But I really loved hanging these pictures my sister gave me for Christmas. She always gets me the best presents. She is like a present psychic. She knows what I want before I even know I want it. It's pretty much awesome.
While visiting the great north, I got to go to Ikea. I bought one of these and created an "art center" for Maddy. That is what she dubbed it and she loves it. She literally uses it every single day. Those cups of markers must be magic.
 I bought some nice pens a while ago and now I have a little twirly pen holder that I like to twirl around on my desk.
 Oh yeah, here is a big picture. Hmm. Like I said, I just don't know. I put the little table down here so Maddy could have a place to play with her playsets (like the ginormously awesome pyramid). But it makes it look more cluttered. Hmm.

 This bookcase still needs work. But...not too horrible. It might get some books back.
Oh little beat up school chairs, you will be with me forever. Don't ask me why I put that wire basket on top. It has no actual value besides looking pretty.
Remember how beauteous this wall was during Christmas?

Well then I had to take down the christmasy wreaths and it looked a little sad. I knew that would happen of course, and figured I would find something else to fill. I am still feeling a bit on the fence about my fix. What is it with me lately?? I usually just do something and then love it. This indecision is nerdy and I would like to banish it.

Here is what I have decided so far: keep the adorable silhouettes of my darlings, keep the cool country pitcher, get rid of everything else. Wellll, not get rid of, just moved around to other parts of the house. The white table was too low without the wreaths filling in space, and frankly wasn't that functional of a piece.

So...I got all big for my britches and thought that I should add some fancy gallery lighting. Here is the thing about getting too big for your britches when you're on a budget...sometimes you can still see cords. Yeah. I hate cords too. I'm sorry friends. But I am buying some cord covers. You want to see anyway?

 You see, my new goal was to try and be more simple with my decor. I don't like a lot of clutter. I think that's what kind of bugs me about the gallery's cute, but it's more cluttery looking. But then...when I look at pictures of my house looking more simple I think, looks unfinished. I just haven't figured it out yet.
 I really like the lighting (ikea), but those dang cords. I'm hoping the cord covers will help.
 Tried to go for simple
but maybe it just looks boring...I think the problem is the lamp. Well, I am trying to use what I have, so maybe I'll do a little lamp switcheroo.

And to finish up this post of house fixings, I decided to go for that dark blue wall. We worked on it today while baby boy recovered from getting stitches yesterday (which I am forbidding myself to write about because it was the worst thing ever). But he is doing better today. And the bathroom is doing better. So, I think that means we are on up and up my friends.

up next, I will finally blog about the baby boy's first birthday. Poor second children, they get the late birthday posts and the stitches. I am feeling sorry for that kid big time today.


Emily Foley said...

I miss living with my parents mostly because they were about 3 minutes away from IKEA and I used to go and look all the time and get ideas. I love what you've done, especially in the entry. Cover up those cords and it's fantastic.

I feel the same way about gallery walls. It's just too cluttered for me, but unless you have a very large piece of artwork for a wall it looks too empty.

I have some of those shelves you got in my closet...and I use them for shoes. And now I want to use them for something else. You're so clever.

The Luckiest said...

I think the room looks great and really functional (which I'm guessing is your primary goal). But just from an arrangement standpoint, I was wondering if it could work to put the two grown-up desks in the middle facing each other perpendicular to the windows? I know that can create an issue for computer/lamp cords but maybe the/a rug could cover them. And then Maddie's small table could go by the windows. Just a thought, but I think everything looks really cute as it is. I love the shoe shelves on top of the side table. You definitely have a great eye for re-purposing :)

Carrie said...

It's been a while since I've checked anyone's blog, so I'm here catching up! I think you front room area looks really nice. I like the shoe rack conversion! It looks like a perfect fit. It's always fun to see how you've changed things up. Maybe that's what I need to do little around here!

Oh...I love that Maddy is a slow pope!!!! rotflol =D

And the pictures of Stephie and her little guy are so cute. Nice job! always!

BexxT said...

Every time I see the scar that cuts through my lip and practically up to my nose, I am so grateful that I was a barely walking toddler when it happened.

My mom has told me horror stories of me bleeding, strapped to a board while the docs stitched up my face (nose to inside of lip. It was a massively split lip. I tripped over cinderblocks at the babysitters house. Everyone thought I had a cleft palate... still get asked about it sometimes...)

luvnmy10 said...

I love the changes! I am wanting to do some switching around, move a little furniture, paint my room and he laundry room, but.... That all requires lots of energy whuchbyou seem to have more of than I! January always makes me want to refresh and clean and change! Come help me!

Kelly said...

Looks amazing! I am really glad you really did like the pictures I got for you. Justin said about your front lobby, and I qoute, "that looks amazing!" everything looks fresh and clean and organized! I like how much light comes into that room, and I can totally see your inspiration picture in this. Looks great!