Monday, January 9, 2012

 tonight I'm not blogging about anything I should blog about, you know like Christmas or stuff like that. I just want to blog about whatever I feel like. For example, I really like this picture I took.

Isn't she cute? I love her freckles and her sweet smile.

I love that I just found this song by The Shins. They have a new album coming out tomorrow. Woo woo!

I like tickling my kids and getting down on the floor and playing with them. Even though doing so makes me want to fall asleep on the carpet. Why does that always happen?

I cleaned out my desks (one mine, one John's) and reorganized the front room again. It's a sickness. But it looks great and is a really function room. That makes me happy.

I should mention that I should be OUTLAWED from facebook from the hours between 3-5. That is when I am counting down the time until John gets back from work. Especially when the kids are sick. So there...I will try to restrain myself. I find that is when I make my most negative comments on that place. Bad Jenn.

I set a HUGE goal for myself. It's not a new years resolution or anything, because I set it before the year ended. But if I do it, I am going to take a really amazingly awesome trip. No seriously I am. I already talked to John about it. Just gotta start saving my pennies and working on my goal. I am still toying around with where I want to go, but I can't get this place out of my head, as cliched as it is.

Of course my lifelong dream has been to travel here:

That is Salzburg. But I want to take that trip with John. This trip would probably just have to be me because of the cost. But since I'm living on dreams anyway, maybe we'll both go.

Don't ask what the goal is, that's like asking what someone wished on their birthday candles. I'm superstitious like that.

And here is a really great quote to keep me inspired. It's easy to feel judged and in despair. But who wants to be around that person? I want to keep my chin up. I'm trying, by golly it's hard sometimes, but I am one to keep trying to get back on that saddle. I am a people pleaser, but that can back-fire sometimes when you have a soft heart. But...I know my friends are still out there, reading--my old roommates, my Tooele book club friends, my family, my blogging buddies. I hope you forgive my lapses in happiness this year. It's been a rough one. But I am fighting for this year to be better and more optimistic, but also authentic. What are you hoping for in this coming year? Do you have some pie in the sky goals and rewards for yourself? Did you organize your drawers and feel ten pounds lighter? Are your kids sick and you spend your day trying to keep them distracted and hydrated with brightly colored popsicles? Do tell.


Melanie and Jared said...

I have zero goals or ambitions. I guess my goal is to have a baby so I can get on with a less exhausted, less sick life. And when my kids were sick I found. These great lollipops that are for sore throats. Amazing.

Missy said...

Lately I've been. Counting down the hours until Shawn gets home too. It's awful. I've been in a funk the past week and I sure hope it stops soon. I'm joining. Bunch of women in my ward doing a 12 week challenge. I hope it helps! Good luck on your goal! Love ya! Cute pic BTW.

Kelly said...

Dejunking is my favorite past time! Lylia's room is benefitting from nesting today! Our room is next, then on to the hall closet. As far as goals, it would be to not buy anything we don't need... And I so wish I could go on that trip with you, maybe next year. And I want to go to a garage sell, which would break my other, can't win. I also want to have a year without pain, and to feel good in my skin!

Gabrielle said...

Oh yes! And sing Do Re Me in the streets?!! Yes- also a like long dream!

BexxT said...


I have lots of stuff- first off a huge pile of goals I set for myself when I turned 29 that I wanted to accomplish before the end of my 30th year. I've rocked a lot of them pretty hard, and some just have to be documented. Like I want to run 1 mile clocked in at under 8 minutes. I think I can do that right now, but I need to bring Adam out to a track with a stop watch. We are so close to being house only debt free, and we won't accomplish that before my birthday in Feb, but we will by the end of the year (or most likely after our big expense that will be happening before the end of the summer, no I am not pregnant).

Also, if all goes well and this thing Adam has been tentatively invited to actually happens, Kings and I get to accompany him to Paris in June. I am not getting my hopes to far up because even the thought of Paris makes me want to jump up and down and scream in delight.

Very un-Bekah like. And Ive got appearances to keep up ;)

Emily Foley said...

Don't view Paris as a cliche. I never wanted to go there--it was always Italy for me--but after going it's pretty much all I think about, even 7 months later. It is a fantastic place.

My sister and her husband went to Salzburg 8 or 9 years ago (husband served his mission there) and she LOVED it. Save your pennies for that, too!

Lindy said...

My pet project this year will be transitioning our family (budget, schedule, expectations, etc.) to a one-salary income and a stay-at-home mom! Trying to put our affairs in order to weather the storm a little easier. I'm so up for the challenge, though!

Thank you for continuing to blog. I know I don't, but I feel connected to you through your blog. 2012 may just be the year that I revive blogging in some form--you inspire me!