Sunday, January 8, 2012

a mysterious mystery

Remember me?

I'm still around, but I'm taking a blogging break. Sometimes you just need a chance to clear your head. I find that avoiding technology (except for checking on my favorite blogs/people via facebook of course!) is a good way to do that for me.

The good news? If you didn't hear, my husband got a new job and already started on the 4th of January. We are SO grateful. We know we are very lucky and blessed. So far he likes it.

Other good news is that we got to go to my Mom's house for a week around Christmas. It really helped being around other people to forget our problems. It was also really good luck because that is when we finally got a job offer. :)

So, I'm lying low a little bit longer. The baby is sick and I am still readjusting to life post-holidays, but I'll be back soon.

p.s.we have been getting some really fun/funny stuff in the mail lately. Crayons shaped like rocks...a necklace with a globe on it. It is mysterious! Is it you?? Who done it?? Thank you!


Emily Foley said...

I wish it was me! how fun! Congratulations on the job. Phew, right?

Kellie said...

lol. Glad to hear he got a job so quick! Give me a call back and we'll talk. We need to get the girls back together soon.

Katamaran said...

What an answer to prayer! I have been praying/thinking about you guys daily, so so happy to hear the wonderful news! Take care love!

Missy said...

Congrats to John! That's so great! I've also been thinking about you and wondering how you guys were doing. Cheers to 2012! It looks like its off to a good start!

luvnmy10 said...

I have missed you! Love getting fun stuff in the mail, I so wish it was me keeping your mail man oh their toes!

Amy said...

Yea for the good news! I am glad to hear that John got a job and that you were able to get away for a holiday vacation. Congratulations all around and Happy 2012!