Sunday, January 22, 2012

the post in which I use honey buns incorrectly

It was a super busy weekend around here. We babysat, we ran lots of errands, I picked my friend Meredith (college roomie) up from the airport and went for a late night Denny's rendevous, we went to a Star Wars nerd party, and we tried to keep our kids on nap schedules. Busy busy. I was quite proud of the Star Wars costumes John and I came up with in about five minutes. I wish I could regale you with pictures, but I was Princess Leia (again, this was a revival role that I also took up in college for Halloween). I don't have very long hair anymore, so I was a bit stumped for how to recreate Leia's signature buns (cause otherwise you're just wearing a white sheet with a belt....). I came up with the idea to glue these:

to each side of a headband. It turned out even more delicious and amazing than I imagined. I'm thinking about trying this hairdo out on a Fasting Sunday sometime. ha. :)

Well I'm sorry to say that's all I've got for you today. I'm tired. It's been a long weekend with lots of errands, and today I worked on pictures and now it's time to go to bed. But you know what? It was a really good weekend. It feels like forever since I've said that, doesn't it? It feels sooooo good to be a Debbie Upper for once. Or whatever they call the optimistic version of Debbie Downer.


Emily Foley said...

I'm dying for a picture!

maugers said...

I believe it's polly positive :) I have no idea actually :) And I am also DYING for a picture of the honey buns head band. You were the coolest one there at the Star Wars nerd party (even before the food for hair).