Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I've been cleaning and organizing the bejeezus out of my house lately. It feels great. It's like opening your windows and letting fresh air into every room. I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff. Sure, everything I got rid of I still mostly liked--but it felt like it was holding me down. I want a cleaner, less cluttered look. I hate tchotchkes (uh yes I had to look up that word to know how to spell it correctly. Did you know it is Yiddish in origin. Somehow, that makes sense as I picture a little Yiddish matchmaker lady saying it. Something like, "Get rid of the tchotchkes from your yentil or I'll kavitch you.")

Anyway, in the wise words of the Yiddish, I'm cleaning up my yentils and it feels great. All of the sheets are getting freshly washed. All of the bath mats are getting in on the warm sudsy action. I'll probably even get to the floorboards at some point.

Hey, I can't help it. I don't want to be kavitched. This post is turning out really random. Might as well finish it in true random style and steal Emily Foley's random thought thursday idea (minus the Thursday).

Why didn't anyone tell me that my life was incomplete? I never heard Adele's song Set Fire to the Rain. Holy.


I have been writing myself To Do lists, and I am surprised how much such a dumb thing motivates me. Is that weird?


I used to hate the taste of Coke (we weren't allowed to drink it growing up). John loves it and I'll take small sips of his Diet Coke and now I kinda like it, but not enough to drink an entire one. Just enough to take a few sips.


I started a book club today. The first meeting is going to be at the end of February. I am SO excited. It's time to get my book club mojo back on. Now I need to think of an amazing name for it, since The Finer Things Book Club has been done. Suggestions?


I never add people as friends on facebook, I'm too shy. If I do, it usually means that I really like you. And also, it means I'm pretty sure you won't say no. ha. How about you? Do you add anyone and everyone, or do you wait around for people to add you mostly?


I still really love toast. It is a love affair that just has never ended for me. Toast, you complete me.


Why do I always seem to hit weird buttons with my ear on my smartphone? Why does this not seem to happen to anyone else? Is my ear smart, or...am I dumb? Wait, don't answer that one.


My baby is a bottomless pit. I seriously think he walks around hungry, even though I feel like I feel like I am feeding him constantly. I worry for my budget when he is a teenager. But I am super happy that he is now drinking milk instead of super expensive liquid formula.


What instrument do you secretly wish you could play? I begged John for a ukelele for Christmas, but I think he thought I was kidding so I didn't get one. ha! I actually really wish I could play the piano, but I'm not dedicated enough to sit down and really learn it. Plus, I don't have a piano. I also wish I could play other old people instruments like the dulcimer, the mandolin, and the normal guitar.
(see what I mean about Old lady instrument? I think those bonnets are a requirement to play a dulcimer....)


Lindy said...

Will your book club consist of LDS ladies? If so, I think you should call it the Born Again Book Club. Ha!

Emily Foley said...

Can you come do my house next? I feel sick looking at the crap invading my house on a daily basis.

Also, I read "yentils" as "lentils" and laughed.

I hate bath mats.

I don't love Adele. I much prefer the cover of Someone Like You by Emily Luther.

To Do lists complete me. I can't get anything done without it.

I only like Coke with cherry or vanilla added.

Book Clubs are awesome. I called ours "Crazy 8's Book Club" because when I was sending the email the card game was sitting on my desk and I couldn't think of anything else.

I don't have a smart phone.

I only love toast on homemade bread with homemade jam. My mom turned me into a toast snob.

Emilie calls me a facebook snob. I don't add ANYBODY, and if somebody adds me that I don't really know (as in someone from my ward or someone who comments on my blog but we don't know each other in person) I don't accept the request. I actually have a post in the works about this.

I don't have a smart phone but when I use my husband's I do hit weird buttons, yes.

All of my children are bottomless pits when it comes to junk.

I wish I could play the guitar. Dave gave me one for my wedding present but I've never learned to play it.

Robin said...

Hehehe, I almost never add anyone either. It's nice to know other people are like that! I've only added a handful of people in my entire life. I second you on the mandolin. Totally wish I could play that.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the random blog...as you know this is how my brain works so I was able to follow perfectly! Lol

BexxT said...

Did I tell you that we are selling our house this spring? If I didn't, well let me tell you that I feel ya on the cleaning and getting rid of stuff. I am already moving things over to the storage unit (you know, all of the baby stuff, christmas stuff, stuff cluttering our house stuff) and also collecting piles of goodwill stuff- like the pink corduroy pants that I just couldn't get rid of because they fit me and were PINK! (I just wore them 2 weeks ago, and I realized they weren't cute in the slightest. What was I thinking?)

So if you are feeling up to a trip to Austin, and want to fancy up my house, you are hereby invited. I will even pay for the plane ticket if you will please paint my front porch and shelves up in the master bath.

(Im feeling overwhelmed.)