Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Slipcovering for the Simpletons

And by simpleton, I mean myself. I have admitted freely that I am not a sewist. I wish I were. I can mostly sew a semi straight line, but that's about it.
exhibit A, the floral chair

I have a chair I bought on Craigslist a while back and I had grand plans of trying to recover it myself. It's actually in really great shape, but I wasn't sure about the floral pattern. So I brought it home and finally realized that despite how easy those slipcovering people try to tell you it is, let's face it, some of us are sewers and some of us are...not.

So imagine my extreme thrill of finding a slipcover at Goodwill. I liked the fabric and it was three bucks. I figured I couldn't lose, even if it didn't fit.

I got it home and the thing of the jig of it is that it ALMOST fit. And that was worse than it fitting horribly! It was so dang close and I was frustrated.

So I took a deep breath, got some pins and my sharp scissors, and decided to try and make it a bit more fitted. I figured I was out three bucks if it didn't work.

My friends, it worked! I won't call it perfect, but I will call it pretty darn good for a Non-Sewing Genius like me. Or as we call it around here, it's a whole lotta Pretend Fancy going on.

Here you can see the bagginess. This slipcover was like those kids wearing their jeans down around their derriere and their underpants up around their midsection. It's just not cool.

Come to think of it, my arms kinda look like this too heh. A little flappy for my taste (the slipcover that is.  I decided long ago if I had to choose between flappy arms and chocolate donuts, I would take the donuts). I digress.

A little snip, a little tuck. This beauty got plastic surgery for free. She didn't check my credentials, lucky for her it turned out alright....

I pinned and (gasp, this part was the hard part) got up the guts to cut the extra fabric.

Voila! She sits a little taller. And she feels all pretty and young now. I personally think she might try to date a younger ottoman with her new boost in ego.

p.s. You know the rest of my house is a wreck right? You also know that little bunny and flowers and everything is going away as soon as the baby gets up from his nap? Let's keep it real folks. This kinda pretty only lasts til the clock strikes midnight.


Monday, February 20, 2012

ramble ramble

I don't have anything fancy to say except for the fact that I have a new niece named Megan and she is cute. I also have been busy trying to sew a slipcover for my old gross ottoman (to mixed results). We hung some beadboard wallpaper in the kids bathroom along one wall tonight (looks good so far).  Also, Grant managed to scrape his face up on a basket that holds toys a few days ago. I am starting to get super paranoid about how much he manages to injure himself/be injured while in my care (well in my defense, the basket incident happened on Dad's watch), but I recently closed two of his fingers into the van door, and that was the worst. It of course happened the day after we got his stitches out and I cried more than he did and rushed him to the Urgent Care center (no broken bones, and he started clapping and smiling ten minutes after it happened), but still, I felt like the worst mom in america. Poor Grant, is it just my baby that seems to be getting hurt so often lately? I think it's the walking so young thing.

And on a completely different note, I decided against having someone paint our living room in trade for a photo session because I'm a complicated woman. I also found a chair cover at Goodwill for my flower chair. Things are a'happenin' in my living room I tell you. It's just taking me a while to get them to a place that I really love.

Well I'm just rambling on about nothing much.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to have a Cadbury caramel egg and watch some dumb girl show. I have priorities people.

Friday, February 17, 2012

better late than never

 I forgot to post some pictures of Maddy and her little preschool best buddy decorating valentine's cupcakes. this will be the most boring post in the world unless you love pictures of little kids decorating baked goods. so sorry. but...if you want to feel hungry, feel free to keep reading, there's a scrumptious photo of a cupcake ahead.

 gotta love the funny faces

 and the hygienic "licking everything covered in frosting" poses

 ahhhh, the glorious mountain o' sprinkles shot.

 the cutest of cuties

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I felt the need to change my photography "business" name. (I put business in parenthesis because it is so part time I hardly consider it that, but I digress). My old blog was having issues and I just decided to start with a clean slate (except I moved all of my old content to the new blog). I'm excited. It's cute and I like the name more. Feel free to jump over and tell me what you think, I posted some new pictures today.

I'm pretty excited about it. And pretty tired (because of all of those old blog issues that I kept trying to fix.) Goodnight!

walkabout, valentine's edition

 She posed like this all by herself after putting on a bunch of rings she got from her Valentine's preschool party. She looks like she has been watching QVC or something
 It reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite. Think of a thousand baby sea horses....
 I just liked her tiara in this one.
 Another preschool project
 and her preschool goody bag. I just thought it was cute, sorry to bore you all with stuff your kids do everyday too. I gotta post these photos somewhere don't I?
 The Valentine butterfly she made us. We took turns licking the lollipop. Just kidding

 We got this little mailbox for three bucks at the consignment store and we put little love notes in it at night (when we remembered....if we forgot, we got in big trouble) a few days before V day.
 and some randomly adorable pictures of this guy
 because frankly he just doesn't get enough face time on this blog
 and a face like that deserves his fair share of face time!
 oh yeah, we totally did the heart pancake thing this morning. don't be impressed. I bought a new-fangled thing I found at the grocery store where you pour the water into the bottle and shake and then pour it onto the griddle. wow, it was awesome (and lazy) and again, awesome
 cause nothing says love like pancakes
 except for a ukelele. I asked John for one for Christmas and I think he thought I was joking, so he didn't get me one....and then I was sad. ha! So he made up for it and I've been playing around with it all day. my fingers hurt and I can play amazing grace pretty darn well. hey, I am impressed with myself--playing a song the same day I got the uke (you can only call it uke if you are an awesome ukelele player like myself, fyi)
 why yes, cupid came and threw up glitter and hearts and other garish things on our table. you gotta be garish when you have little kids, they love it
 i kinda love it too
 John wrote our names in his wanna-be calligraphy. fancy
 the perfect card for Maddy
 the Valentine's card she made me this morning (that is her, me and John). grant apparently doesn't rank high enough on her list to have made the cut. hmm
 She got a kite for Valentine's day. John got a box of chocolates that had Darth Vader on front (severely awesome) and a promise that he can have my phone (once he sells his and we buy me a different one). He has been (kinda) silently pining away for my phone.

And I'm also thinking if I have time that I will post our engagement story, because it's pretty awesome and I have never written it down. ta-ta!

Monday, February 13, 2012

in a nutshell

Interesting weekend for us over here. In a nutshell:

dishwasher broke.

made John watch a youtube video about installing another dishwasher to see if he thought he could do it.

he thinks he can do it so we buy a used dishwasher on craigslist for cheap.

everything that can go wrong (too short of hose etc.) goes wrong, but John perseveres and we have a working dishwasher again. love that man.

john took the kids with him on Saturday to run errands (read, buy me a Valentine's gift)  :) so that I could run a few other errands. I call him in the middle of running my errands we both realize that we are at the same mall and I meet him at the play area.

i steal french fries from john's plate and think how romantic I think it is that we ended up at the same place at the same time and called each other not knowing it. I'm a dork like that.

worked really hard around the house. except we forgot to weed the front, which we need to do because our HOA will send ninjas in the night to kill us in our beds. or something like that.

talked about our budget. we are trying really doubly hard to be good right now because we are still recovering from not having a job for about a month. with the exception of Grant's stitches sans insurance and the dishwasher, we're doing pretty good. but make no mistake, budgets (ESPECIALLY when you get paid every week--which requires an exceptional amount of extra planning) are hard. please tell me you hate budgeting as much as I do??

thinking about doing another amazing and cheap project. you know me.