Monday, February 13, 2012

in a nutshell

Interesting weekend for us over here. In a nutshell:

dishwasher broke.

made John watch a youtube video about installing another dishwasher to see if he thought he could do it.

he thinks he can do it so we buy a used dishwasher on craigslist for cheap.

everything that can go wrong (too short of hose etc.) goes wrong, but John perseveres and we have a working dishwasher again. love that man.

john took the kids with him on Saturday to run errands (read, buy me a Valentine's gift)  :) so that I could run a few other errands. I call him in the middle of running my errands we both realize that we are at the same mall and I meet him at the play area.

i steal french fries from john's plate and think how romantic I think it is that we ended up at the same place at the same time and called each other not knowing it. I'm a dork like that.

worked really hard around the house. except we forgot to weed the front, which we need to do because our HOA will send ninjas in the night to kill us in our beds. or something like that.

talked about our budget. we are trying really doubly hard to be good right now because we are still recovering from not having a job for about a month. with the exception of Grant's stitches sans insurance and the dishwasher, we're doing pretty good. but make no mistake, budgets (ESPECIALLY when you get paid every week--which requires an exceptional amount of extra planning) are hard. please tell me you hate budgeting as much as I do??

thinking about doing another amazing and cheap project. you know me.


heidi said...

Our HOA has killer ninjas, too. I wonder where they find them all? And I really loathe budgeting. No fun at all. Plus, just when I think I have everything under controll some new major expense comes up and throws a wrench in everything.

Emily Foley said...

Stupid dishwasher. Glad it's fixed!

I hate budgets, hate hate hate. I really hated doing our taxes and seeing how much we made last year (waaay more than double what we made the previous year) and that we're poorer than we were at this time last year. It's sickening to pay for a condo that's sitting empty and living in a crappy apartment.

Husband wishes we'd get paid every week. I'd just like to make sure he gets a paycheck (which he didn't 2 weeks ago, which really sucked).

Melanie and Jared said...
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BexxT said...

Adam installed our dishwasher when we bought a new one 2 years ago even though he didn't actually know how... It went really well! As Adam says- "You've talked to these home contractors right? You know the guys who do this for a living because you went to school with them. If you can follow directions and have half a brain, you can do it too." Which is true, if you are patient, read the directions and can operate tools, you can install basically anything.

Adam would make a great home contractor, except for his penchant for swearing A LOT when he installs stuff. And how he is always like 2 screws short for everything we do requiring ANOTHER trip to Lowes or Home Depot.

Missy said...

I hate budgeting too. Shawn has been talking about it AGAIN! I know we need to but isn't there an easier way?
So glad we don't have an HOA!

luvnmy10 said...

I hate budgeting! I know Tim wants to talk about money when he gets a serious tone and starts to look at me over his glasses--why does that always intimidate me?? Scary!! I love that your dishwasher has a been replaced--good for you finding a good deal on one and good for John installing and learning new things. Boo to the HOA--I love how HOAs forget that we are neighbors and send out nasty letters about small things that need our attention that some anonymous "neighbor" has noticed. I am always intrigued by this, wouldn't it be awesome if instead we treated each other like neighbors and went over to a home in need of some attention and offered our services to help out, like truly wanting to be kind and neighborly and help out, because we like our little community and we want to be friends with folks who live near us. Sometimes I have felt as if Mrs. Kravitz was just waiting behind her curtains for a weed to sprout up, or for mold spores to land on our roof, or for our mailbox paint to chip. So un-neighborly! See what you got me off on? Sorry! :)