Thursday, February 9, 2012

random thought thursday

idea for random thought thursday from emily of course. :)

We still haven't finished our pinterest
cooking experiments. Tonight we are having
the crockpot. I have my doubts
but I love chicken cordon bleu so much
I am willing to be my own guinea pig.


(this is a surprisingly difficult shot to get btw, but I LOVE how it turned out)

I finally finished editing the pictures
to my most recent photo shoot. It took up
two cds to burn all of the pictures.
It is clear that I have a problem putting
a limit on the number of pictures I give. Ugh.


Grant took a morning nap
and is now taking an afternoon nap.
As you can imagine, the angels are singing.


I bought a slip for Maddy because
she says her sunday dresses rub her skin and hurt.
I had a slip when I was little, but apparently
they are not normal anymore because I had to
go to a ton of stores to find one.  Did you wear a slip growing up?


I am sick of cold cereal in the morning. What do you eat?
If you are one of those crazy people who drinks green spinach
smoothies in the morning, don't tell me.
I have a green smoothie inferiority complex.
(ok, really, I just think you people are weird
and you will never convince me that
you actually crave it more than eggs and toast).


I really want to buy this dress for Maddy for Easter. It's
a Janie and Jack confection, and it is super expensive. So...
yeah, we'll be finding something else.
Why can't I sew again??


A friend recently told me I am
"a little weird"
when it comes to accepting invitations to social gatherings.
I laughed about it at the time
but then got home and thought,
hey, wait, what?
No seriously, I don't get it.
How can you be weird at that? Don't you either
just say yes, or no?


Lastly, my sister's due date
is next Friday.
They haven't picked out a name yet.
They are waiting to see the baby to decide.
I LOVE it when people do that
(probably because that's what we did?).
Anyone out there have a name picked out
before meeting the baby? Did
you feel like it fit when you saw them?


Obviously, Emily's list are way pithier and cooler.  Heh, it's
Thursday at 3:23 in the afternoon.
Take what you can get people. I don't
do awesome during this time of day.
I do survival.
See ya!


Teagan said...

Remember chicken cordon bleu in the MTC? Did you like it? I loved it (sans the ham). But above all other MTC food days, my favorite was ice cream sundaes on Wednesday. It was one of the highlights of my weeks.

Emily Foley said...

We did that with our babies. I can never understand how people pick names beforehand. I had thought we would name Isaac Ethan but he did NOT look like an Ethan when he was born.

I'm not cool, I'm lame. RTT was borne out of my inability to post about anything of substance.

I love Janie & Jack! Wait for a sale and buy it for next year.

I don't eat breakfast, I hate it.

I can't find a slip for Zoe either. I was forced to wear one growing up and feel like I should force the same thing on Zoe, but it's impossible to find one in a 2T. I love wearing slips now, though.

AWESOME picture. You're so talented!

luvnmy10 said...

Love your survival post!! Random-ness rocks! Some of my church dresses are itch too!

Anne said...

I eat oatmeal...and a green smoothie. I am extra hungry now for breakfast. But it is not that I crave a green smoothie, I just feel good after having one. But the oatmeal is pretty good.

Missy said...

Love that pic! The colors just pop! But 2 whole ( or maybe just particially full on the 2nd one?) CDs? I only do that for weddings. But I'm sure the clients love it. :)
I also do cold cereal every morning except on the weekends when Shawn cooks breakfast. I know. I'm lucky!
We always have a name picked out beforehand. I just like to be prepared! The names have always fit the kid. I don't understand the waiting. A baby looks like a baby to me. To each his own!
I also love chicken cordon blue. I should try that recipe.

Kelly said...

So how can you be wierd about accepting invitations!? Lol, do you wait a long time to get back to them? So went and saw the hospital yesterday! Why is it that the normal delivery rooms are always 100 times cooler than the c section rooms! Lol Lylia definitely didn't look like any of the names we thought we'd name her when she was born. For some reason naming children is a huge deal to me. It is what they will be known as for the rest of their earthly life, and that seems like a huge responsibility. For example this kid at the mall playground was named Juda, his parents you could tell were religious because one was reading a pocket sized New Testament, but when I tried to start a conversation with them, you could see they were flat out ignoring me! Lol I was like, well I know you are Christian so why don't you act like it... And no I didn't say that, I was just thinking that, that kid would have some expectations of how to act for the rest of his life, because people would most likely assume that his family was religious, and he'd have to either love that, or be the Juda that was led I cant believe she is due next week!!!!! So crazy to me! Love the picture! Lylia took a nap yesterday after no nap for days and I was thinking I feel bad that I made her lay down...what I was thinking that for I have no idea! Lol love nap times!

BexxT said...

I don't have a little girl so I don't know about slips... however, I always had to wear a slip under my dress when I was a kiddo. Anyways, I did a quick google search for "toddler slip" and a TON of sites popped up with super affordable slip options (20$ and under) for kiddos.

Also, I didn't know slips were tied to modesty. Seriously, I just thought they were normal undergarments for dresses. All of those google results are like "modest clothing" websites.