Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Slipcovering for the Simpletons

And by simpleton, I mean myself. I have admitted freely that I am not a sewist. I wish I were. I can mostly sew a semi straight line, but that's about it.
exhibit A, the floral chair

I have a chair I bought on Craigslist a while back and I had grand plans of trying to recover it myself. It's actually in really great shape, but I wasn't sure about the floral pattern. So I brought it home and finally realized that despite how easy those slipcovering people try to tell you it is, let's face it, some of us are sewers and some of us are...not.

So imagine my extreme thrill of finding a slipcover at Goodwill. I liked the fabric and it was three bucks. I figured I couldn't lose, even if it didn't fit.

I got it home and the thing of the jig of it is that it ALMOST fit. And that was worse than it fitting horribly! It was so dang close and I was frustrated.

So I took a deep breath, got some pins and my sharp scissors, and decided to try and make it a bit more fitted. I figured I was out three bucks if it didn't work.

My friends, it worked! I won't call it perfect, but I will call it pretty darn good for a Non-Sewing Genius like me. Or as we call it around here, it's a whole lotta Pretend Fancy going on.

Here you can see the bagginess. This slipcover was like those kids wearing their jeans down around their derriere and their underpants up around their midsection. It's just not cool.

Come to think of it, my arms kinda look like this too heh. A little flappy for my taste (the slipcover that is.  I decided long ago if I had to choose between flappy arms and chocolate donuts, I would take the donuts). I digress.

A little snip, a little tuck. This beauty got plastic surgery for free. She didn't check my credentials, lucky for her it turned out alright....

I pinned and (gasp, this part was the hard part) got up the guts to cut the extra fabric.

Voila! She sits a little taller. And she feels all pretty and young now. I personally think she might try to date a younger ottoman with her new boost in ego.

p.s. You know the rest of my house is a wreck right? You also know that little bunny and flowers and everything is going away as soon as the baby gets up from his nap? Let's keep it real folks. This kinda pretty only lasts til the clock strikes midnight.



Emily Foley said...

So cute! I tried to be a sewist person last night at craft night and it did not happen. Non-sewists, UNITE!

KristenG said...

it looks great. i love color of the slip cover.

Missy said...

Oh my gosh! You are on something today! I was laughing and loving this post! You are just so darn witty. The chair turned out great too!

luvnmy10 said...

That slip cover is really pretty! Great job! Even sewists have issues with things like that--making the first cut into the fabric would have been very scary for me!! Good for you! I love it! I also love that the pretty little accents have to go away when little bits is around. Life with little people in the house--thanks for keeping it real!

Dee in BC said...

THAT'S GORGEOUS!I wish I could find a chair that nice to begin with- We don't have a Goodwill here A Value Village- sells overpriced dirty knick knacks & worn out clothes & A Sally Anne but it's way across town & in a very scary area & doesn't seem to have furniture either.

maugers said...

looks good :) I have to comment because I want a comment on mine :) Not today.. but eventually.. you know. So, when is a good time to give you a call? I miss you!

val said...

i'm glad you posted on fb so i could think to get on your blog. i deleted my blogroll (to clear my mind and computer of too many blogs to check--i now check much more randomly, more fun that way). ANYWAY....great job on the recover. i liked the flower fabric too-don't hate me.
and ps no one comments on my blog. i'm afraid people think they are so 2009! ;)

liz said...

Did you know Kendra reupholstered her couch!? It's great. I've got some beat up couches in need of work. But I don't think I'm as skilled or brave as Kendra.

John & Jennifer Savage said...

I like that, non-sewists unite indeed!

Britta said...

funny! And way to go, I think I would have been too scared!