Tuesday, February 14, 2012

walkabout, valentine's edition

 She posed like this all by herself after putting on a bunch of rings she got from her Valentine's preschool party. She looks like she has been watching QVC or something
 It reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite. Think of a thousand baby sea horses....
 I just liked her tiara in this one.
 Another preschool project
 and her preschool goody bag. I just thought it was cute, sorry to bore you all with stuff your kids do everyday too. I gotta post these photos somewhere don't I?
 The Valentine butterfly she made us. We took turns licking the lollipop. Just kidding

 We got this little mailbox for three bucks at the consignment store and we put little love notes in it at night (when we remembered....if we forgot, we got in big trouble) a few days before V day.
 and some randomly adorable pictures of this guy
 because frankly he just doesn't get enough face time on this blog
 and a face like that deserves his fair share of face time!
 oh yeah, we totally did the heart pancake thing this morning. don't be impressed. I bought a new-fangled thing I found at the grocery store where you pour the water into the bottle and shake and then pour it onto the griddle. wow, it was awesome (and lazy) and again, awesome
 cause nothing says love like pancakes
 except for a ukelele. I asked John for one for Christmas and I think he thought I was joking, so he didn't get me one....and then I was sad. ha! So he made up for it and I've been playing around with it all day. my fingers hurt and I can play amazing grace pretty darn well. hey, I am impressed with myself--playing a song the same day I got the uke (you can only call it uke if you are an awesome ukelele player like myself, fyi)
 why yes, cupid came and threw up glitter and hearts and other garish things on our table. you gotta be garish when you have little kids, they love it
 i kinda love it too
 John wrote our names in his wanna-be calligraphy. fancy
 the perfect card for Maddy
 the Valentine's card she made me this morning (that is her, me and John). grant apparently doesn't rank high enough on her list to have made the cut. hmm
 She got a kite for Valentine's day. John got a box of chocolates that had Darth Vader on front (severely awesome) and a promise that he can have my phone (once he sells his and we buy me a different one). He has been (kinda) silently pining away for my phone.

And I'm also thinking if I have time that I will post our engagement story, because it's pretty awesome and I have never written it down. ta-ta!


Emily Foley said...

What a cute, fun day! I love your mailbox too. You're the queen of awesome.

Katamaran said...

Yay! I was waiting for your Valentine post :0) Looks like you all had a fabulous day and my GOODNESS that baby boy is getting SO big! And, if it's even possible, I think he may have even gotten cuter!? :0) Such beautiful babies Jen!