Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Beadboard cures what ails you

I am sorry to tell you that I have no awesome before photos to illustrate how plain jane this wall was. I don't know when I will learn to take pictures of stuff when they are ugly before I do a project. I just get impatient. So...I count on your imagination to fill in the blanks here. In fact, your imagination might make this wall look way worse than it was and then you'll be really happy about the afters.

There used to be a basic towel bar. And no beadboard. And no fluffy duckling yellow towels. Just blue wall.

Then I found these hooks at Target and they came home with me. And I sewed some ribbon onto some towels so that they would stay hooked.
I love fluffy yellow towels. I also love fluffy white towels. Pretty much anything fluffy is okay in my book (including kittens...which we may or may not have adopted one tonight. The fluffiest squidgiest kitten ever!!!)

A close up so you can see that it is not real beadboard. It is in fact beadboard wallpaper. Beadboard wallpaper is about five gajillion times easier to install than real beadboard. But....you still have to paint it. So...whatever.

This bathroom makes me happy now. As long as I ignore that sage green shower curtain rod. Well now I've gone and ruined it for everybody. I'll work on that next. :)


Katie Browning said...

I love the hooks to hang towels!! Don't know why that never occurred to me! Our guest bath had the smallest towel rod known to man and drives me nuts.

Emily Foley said...

Holy CRAP Jenn! Seriously, this is amazing! You and a bathroom have become one. You just get each other. That wall color is perfection, what is it?

Also, I got fluffy yellow towels in college and wanted to cry when they got worn out, but then I remembered I'd gotten some at my wedding that I never used and dug them out of storage. I love a yellow towel.

Kelly said...

Looks pretty awesome!

Robin said...

Niiiiccce! I've been considering using beadboard wallpaper in one of my bathrooms after dropping my entire wallet on the real stuff (never doing that again!). It looks soooo good in your picture. Might have to go for that! Bathrooms are way too boring without beadboard!