Monday, March 19, 2012

the most difficult room in my house

I'm thinking everyone has one--a room that drives them crazy. I love my family room--it's the room we use the most, but it is hard for me to get looking just right.

For the past few months, my couches have been getting much loved. I've known for a while that I needed to get some slipcovers to help the couches last a big longer. I looked everywhere and considered every option. Finally I had decided to try the Pottery Barn slipcovers and buy them on ebay for a bit cheaper than the real site. Just before I did that, I somehow ran across another blog that talked about They had bought a Pottery Barn slipcover from them for WAY cheaper than even ebay. I decided to give them a try and it worked out great. The site isn't allowed to say that they are pottery barn, but they are indeed. For my large sofa I paid only 50 dollars. These things are close to $200 straight from pottery barn. The smaller sofa slipcover was around $30 I think. They also combined my shipping for me. So anyway, I know I sound like a commercial, but I looked for a looong time to find a decent slipcover and this was the best deal I found. Just thought I might save someone some trouble down the road. :)
 So here are some before pictures of what my sofas looked like. They are gorgeous sofas, but like I said, they take a beating with little kids around.

 And here it is with the slipcover. Now the thing you have to be okay with is that slipcovers always look a little "mussy." Notice I didn't say messy--I think they just look kinda loose and cottagey and sort of welcoming in their imperfection. These slipcovers are made with really soft and high quality fabric, and I really really like them.
 I know the wrinkles bug some people, but not me.

 and yeah, I switched up my mantel again. But I think this is going to stay for a long while. I really like it. Simple and can go with any season.

My favorite find was this riding helmet. I found it at goodwill of all places and had to pick it up. I didn't know what I was going to do with it...for a while it hung in my daughter's room. But now it's up here and I like it.

and we got rid of our old low down black console (it was short with sharp corners--and as we know Grant is a magnet for stuff like that) so we sold it on craigslist and moved this out from our closet. Now all of the toys can be stored in the drawers. Added bonus!

So this is how the most difficult room in my house is looking these days, and I have to say that although there are some things that still kinda bug me, overall, I am really liking it these days. It feels serene and comfy and casual all at the same time.

p.s. what's your trickiest room? I think it would be fun to help someone come up with ideas for their tricky room, so if you feel so inclined let me know. That's the sort of thing that I think is fun. It's a sickness really. ha!


Emily Foley said...

I LOVE it. I thought the first "made over" picture was a picture from Pottery Barn's website, not even kidding. I generally hate slip covers (I am one of those that can't stand the wrinkles) but I love what you've done with it, especially the pillows and mantle. Fantastic, dude.

Anonymous said...

Love your mantle. The slipcovers look nice too. Great deal!

Anonymous said...

Love it! What a nice room. My house gets very little natural light which I hate - but your space looks so bright and welcoming.

Kelly said...

I like the riding cap, as well as the new tv console! I always like a good deal, but being the ocd person that I am the wrinkles would actually bug me. But I do like the fact you can take them off and wash them.

Teagan said...

The kitten!!

val said...

Wow. The sofas look great. The mantle too. Are those real tulips? The problem w my family room is my big furniture (two big leather loves seats that came w the house-we bought my in laws house). No matter where I arrange and rearrange them it just doesn't seem right. Grr.

luvnmy10 said...

Okay, see this is why you have to come see me when there is not anything else going on--so you can be my personal decorator!! So, my room that is tricky, is my bedroom. It is very long and kind of narrow. At the end of the length is a sliding glass door on the left, then 3 angled walls with a large window on each to make a large circular area at the end of a long room. I think you have seen it, but not sure if you paid much attention to it. We sleep in a double bed, I know, we are weird, but we do, and I have tried putting it in front of the window area, it was pretty and bright, but there were two negatives. One was, we have become accustomed to sleeping with the fan blowing down on us--it is florida, you know, and the fan is central in the room, lengthwise, the second problem was that having the main focal point be at the very end of the room, made it even longer and all. Currently the room is painted a darkish brown, which isn't bad with all the light from the windows, and all of our furniture is mismatched, some really cool lpieces, but nothing really goes together. So, help?? Suggestions?? Do you need a trip to see me?

BexxT said...

I hate our master bedroom. The room is like 20-25 feet by 15ish feet. It can fit 4 queen beds in it, 5 if you toss one in the middle of the room as well. It is so stupid.

Plus, because no one sees the room except me and Adam (and people who stay in our house and end up using the master bathroom) we don't care what it looks like. It gets no TLC. We do finally have a bed frame (courtesy of Craigslist 2-ish years ago), but our tables include an end table from my mom's old school 90s furniture and some weird mini table we bought at Target 7 years ago. Both are hideous. And about 18 inches too short to sit beside our bed (which isn't crazy tall, it is the normal height for a mattress/boxspring in an old school cherry sleigh).

Don't get me started on the side of the wall opposite the bed. Pre-Kingsley it was a dumping ground for junk. Then it became a beautiful organized "nursery" when Kings was young with book shelves, a rocking chair, wall shelves, and his crib/dresser. Then when we moved him out of the room it became a place to put all of the furniture that we have had to move out of Kingsley's way because it was too dangerous, or when the office was "re-decorated" to also be a guest bedroom. You should see that mess- TWO desks and a queen bed all crammed into the smallest room in our house.

It's horrible. Someday I like to think I will have a house where everything has a place.