Tuesday, April 3, 2012

things to do when you are sick

 color huge coloring pages with your four year old (who, as it happens, thinks I'm a really good artist and should have my own artist show. Watch out bob ross)
 watch your baby try on everyone one's shoes. and then bring everyone's shoes to you while saying, "schu? schu?" because that means he wants to go outside. kissing his chubbster cheeks every time he says schu because it's the cutest thing known to mankind. ever.
leave the flowers your honey got you on the counter for a few days still wrapped in plastic because you feel too crummy to arrange them artfully in a vase. that's how he knew I really didn't feel good. ha


luvnmy10 said...

I just think your kitchen looks so pretty with the blue cabinets. Flowers on the counter.... Been there, done that. He understands, or at least, won't hold it against you, I promise : ).

Emily Foley said...

The worst. I'm so sorry you're sick! But at least you have cute kids to help you feel better. Heh. My kids just make me feel worse. :)

val said...

Agh man, sorry youre not feeling well. That's the worst. Adorable little sayings from the lil ones are the best.
Tell me the story about your cabinets? You painted them I'm guessing and they are beauties! I want to be brave enough this summer to paint my oaksies.

Kelly said...

So sorry you were that sick! At least you get flowers lol!