Saturday, May 12, 2012

good, bad, ugly (but not too ugly, mostly funny)

The good: I hired a mother's helper for four hours a week. She came yesterday for the first time and it was just as awesome as I anticipated.

John's parents are bring their 40th anniversary celebrations to South Carolina, where they have decided to rent a beach house and invite us to join them. My dreams are coming true people!! (and the beach house has a pool....)

Finally signed Maddy up for swimming lessons this year. She might be the only five year old that has never been, but at least she is finally signed up!

I got the library books back ON TIME this week. It's a miracle.

Maddy is learning to read thanks to a book a friend recommended. When I watch her learning to sound things out and then figuring out the word, I feel 1. like giving her a high five every time (and usually do),  2. like I am giving her a giant golden key to the most amazing gift of her life. It was for me, 3. like she is a genius. Making the leap between non-reader and reader is actually a really amazing and awesome experience. I can't explain how much it astounds me. 4. like crying, because she is going to kindergarten this year.

Instagram is awesome. If you wonder about the stories behind some of the above photos, then you should follow me on instagram. I am an instragramming machine now. yessssss.

I am not a blogging machine anymore. This is a good thing. I plan to only come back here occasionally. Now I mostly blog privately, and it feels much better to my soul.

The bad: Maddy talks about her upcoming--but not that upcoming--birthday every day. 

I have had a sinus infection, unexplained hearing loss, and vertigo for about two weeks. (all better thankfully). They weren't joking when they said your body goes downhill after thirty. I just expected it to start happening around 36-ish. Not in the very same year of being thirty.

Grant keeps hiding my shoes from me. And he's really good at it.

The ugly:  five minutes before my newly hired mother's helper arrived, I realized the bathroom was out of toilet paper. Spent next three minutes frantically searching for some toilet paper in the house and finally found a roll upstairs in the playroom (?). Close call. 

Grant bonked his head next to his eye on the baseboard in the kitchen. Don't ask me how that is possible--I saw it happen and I still don't know. Looks like he has a shiner (again).


Missy said...

Jenn! Oh how I've missed you! I've been thinking about you and how you needed to post. I think I'm thE only person on the planet that doesn't have a smart phone so I don't do instagram and don't know what all those cute pics are about. I will use my imagination. :) love you and miss you! And I'm jealous you have a helper. How nice!

Emily Foley said...

I miss you! I don't have a smart phone so I don't do instagram but it's fun to see your pictures here.

The mother's helper...I think I'm going to take a page from your book and hire one of our graduating seniors. One of them leaves for BYU in the fall and she's got to want to spend some time with my kids before she goes.

Can I come to the beach house?!

Thanks for the reminder about swim lessons! You have to be SIX here to do swimming lessons but there is one house in the entire city with a pool and they do private lessons, so I may have to contact them.

I'm buying that book.

Kelly said...

Awesome post! I have to get insta gram because I am now curious to the pictures! When are kids supposed to read by? Am I behind? This mothering thing is

val said...

Love it. Guess I need to instagram...those waffles? Mmm. We have like the same piece of furniture in our rooms. Twins!

Lindy said...

Love the fotitos and the commentary. Now you've officially made me hungry with those waffles and the mixer pics. (I only need see batter/dough to start dreaming of baked goods). Miss you. Wish I were part of the anniversary celebration--I'm sure I can be hired out to do SOMETHING?! :)