Sunday, May 27, 2012

short stories

 I feel like doing a bit of a photo dump. I have been meaning to take some fancy pants pictures of some of the changes around my house, but then I get lazy/tired. So. Let's have some pictures and random captions where I say why the heck I am posting a picture of, say, my spice cabinet (I organized it!)
 And I finally got some pictures of Grant up on our walls. This means that he is officially a member of the family! I guess this means we're keeping him and that we can take the tags off of him now.
 Remember that one lamp that I was spray painting a post or so ago? Well....someone might have broken that lamp when they were trying to "modify" it. Ahem. So I reconfigured the pieces and glued them together like this and made it into a fancy pot thing.
 And then I got this mirror from Goodwill a while ago and I was thrilled. I have been looking for a mirror with a curved top and flat bottom for years. No seriously...I have. It was four bucks. Another goodwiller lady tried to convince me I didn't need it and I smiled at her sweetly and got into line all while laughing maniacally in my brain. Something like this: Mwahahahaha, MY mirror!!
 We planted some flowers. This is huge for non-grass mowers like us (I did tell you about the police officer story and the grass didn't I? And how the same office pulled me over the next day about not coming to a full and complete stop at a stop sign allegedly. I run with the wrong crowd apparently. I'm a rebel without a cause.)
 Yes, that is all junk from my pantry, fridge, spice cabinets, etc. We have been doing a DEEP purge these past few days.
Oh yeah, and I made a headboard. It's awesome. I'll definitely take better pictures of this. This headboard deserves fancy pictures. Sorry headboard, you deserve better than this pathetic excuse for a cell phone picture. Next time.


Emily Foley said...

It's delightful! All of it. I love the baby crying on the chevron background. Also, I've wanted a headboard for 11 years. I may have to make one too!

maugers said...

Love the headboard! It looks so cozy! And, why did you get talked to by a police for grass? They must have some strict laws down there! :) I like your photo dumps because you take good photos!

Jodi & Chris Reeve said...

I don't recall the grass story, sounds intriguing!

I laughed at the spanish song story, that is too funny!

luvnmy10 said...

Photo dumps are inspiring, funny and great! Keep taking photos, cell phone and any other kind : )

Kelly said...

I want that headboard! Actually it looks a lot like my own. Maybe that is why I LOVE IT!

liz said...

Love the headboard... Will you be posting a tutorial? I just just cleaned my pantry too. You win, I had 2 bags of trash. Ugh, it makes me feel so wasteful when food goes stale or expires and I don't realize it. But it feels so good to declutter!