Sunday, June 3, 2012

random, sunday edition

 sometimes I just snap his picture in the middle of his breakfast because I am overwhelmed by his cuteness-- and by the fact that he is sitting still long enough to take a picture of. I will take that photo of him being still, even if it includes pieces of nutrigrain bar shmushed on his brow.
 maddy only likes the marshmallow madness or whatever it's called with the million marshmallows that come in a separate packet from the actual cocoa. that girl is serious about her marshmallow to cocoa ratios.
 smoothie mustache
 say CHEESE! (yes, i think i'm clever for that one)
 I am starting to notice a food trend in my cell phone pics. here are the tiki mask ice cube trays I bought for a dollar. they were the only ice cube trays I could find at target. i was sort of embarrassed to buy them. I would rate my embarrassment level at about a 7.5. For reference, a 1 embarassment is sneezing a little loudly, and a 10 embarrassment would be buying tampons, a pregnancy test, and midol all in one trip...all while having a teenage boy as your cashier. I don't think the last one has happened to me yet, but...I never rule anything out.
 We got a groupon for a bounce house. Maddy loved it.

 The real reason I bought that dumb groupon was to take Senor Energy/Death Defier to a place that he couldn't kill himself while running/jumping out his energy. What did I get for my trouble?? A kid that was scared of the bounce house bouncy things. He was freaking out over not being able to stand normally. I spent the entire time chasing him around the unfamiliar bounce house instead of my own house. Did I win that round or lose do you think?
Oh yeah, and he just wanted to play the video games. Yeah, let's face it, I lost this round. (shaking fist to the sky).

 yes! that's right, another shot of maddy going down a slide in a strange rigor mortis-eque pose.
 Mrs. Lemon joined me during breakfast the other day. She was a pleasant companion, although she talked a bit too much about "what are we going to do fun today, i'm soooo bored" for my personal taste. but stylish, definitely.
 I wanted to buy this six dollar ice bucket with hook for the scoop SO badly from Target. And then I asked myself (like any reasonable adult--which bytheway is not my forte while in Target, where all reasonable flies out the window) why I needed a bucket for ice. I don't know. but...I know I could find a reason. I bet Mrs. Lemon could think of a thousand reasons too. She's fancy like that.
 The Blur got his shots this past week. He messed up the doctors office and I didn't stop him because they always make us wait way too long and I figured they sort of deserved it. And then Grant agreed with me after they gave him shots. So he messed it up a little bit more after that.
 She was trying to give herself bunny ears and told me to take a picture. It didn't work out too well.

 but the pictures are still cute
 in Mom summer school we worked on patterns. wish she would pick up on the this pattern: wipe, flush, wash your hands, don't slam the door right next to your sleeping brother's room and wake him up. but she's good with yellow, yellow, pink, so we'll celebrate that.
 chillin' with the Ipad. The view from millions of slacking american households before 8:00 a.m.
 a bona-fide pineapple bush!! I had never seen one, and this little guy was about the size of my hand. so cool
I loved this outfit so much I took a picture of the catalog. Now, who would like to sew me a dress just like that, but in big ladies sizing? Because I think it would look good on me, despite that big ladies size thing. I think it just might look good on every single body type. so cute.

Lastly, we are trying to sell our house. This has caused my stress level to rocket. I am trying to keep my cool, but as we all know, that is laughable. The worst part really is trying to keep my house clean with two little kids. Holy cow people, it is hard. I thought I kept my house pretty tidy before, but with the prospect of last minute strangers coming to visit, I realize that I was living in denial about just how tidy I thought I kept stuff. It is terrible. I mean, there are worse things in the world, but...well, this is my personal zombie-apocalypse. Pray someone comes to see our house and then buys it the same day, will you? I am dying to leave my socks on the floor like the good old days. Oh socks, someday we will be cleaning procrastinators like before. Just hold on to the dream.


Missy said...

Wait a minute. WHAT?? Selling your house again? What for? Whats going on? And I love that you call him The Blur. :)

Tricia said...

I LOVE it when you update your blog! I laughed out loud several times.....I especially like the rigor-mortis-esque pose.....

BexxT said...

Jenn, I love you. No really, I do. I know how to induce lethargy in your son too. Please move to Austin, Texas and let them be best friends. Kings can walk/run for over a quarter mile, dragging his wagon the whole way.

And don't you dare try to pick him up. He can do it himself. Thank you very much.

He never sits down. I am actually jealous of the early morning photo. That particular photo won't happen in our house until Kings is like a teenager. And then I am going to have to sneak into his room and take photos of him when he sleeps in.

While you are talking to the House Fairies, please tell them to make my house sell too. Because I can't take much more of this crap. Seriously, keeping this house spotless is a nightmare.

luvnmy10 said...

You're right, that dress would totally look great on you! What catalog is that? Also, your kids are very beautiful, in case you didn't know : ).

Lindy said...

Great post, great update. WHY are you selling your house? Wow, you always have something exciting/stressful going on in your life, don't you? Sure miss you!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried eShakti for a similar dress? They have custom sizing and very similar styles. You should visit their website. They don't pay me to send people or anything. Really. ;-)

Super-cute photos!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried eShakti for a similar dress? They have custom sizing and very similar styles. You should visit their website. They don't pay me to send people or anything. Really. ;-)

Super-cute photos!

val said...

Ok lol on your entire post! Do you do stand up? Watch out Ellen! The teenage boy at the checkout scenario...the socks...and messing up the dr office cause they deserves it! So true! I'll get sewing that dress for you...I've made two pillow covers I'm sure a dress with a real pattern and serious stitching should be no problem. do I thread this machine? It'll be done by...never. Darn cause it is so cute.

Kelly said...

POSTS!!! How I've missed thee! Funny as usual! And I like the morning post, but you know I couldn't help but notice the beautiful quilt! Where did you get it? Did you make it or did mom?! Where can I get one just like it!?

Jennifer S said...

the quilt is from tarjay my dear sister :)

Emily Foley said...

DUDE. The dress. Where's it from? I need it. Also in a ladies size big. Soooo cute. Also, so are you. So cute.

My kids hate bounce houses/trampolines until they're like 3. I guess it's too scary for them.

maugers said...

This was such a funny post! My little boy (Al, not Dave) read the whole thing out loud and LAUGHED! He especially loved the part where you were working on the pattern "wipe, flush, wash hands, don't slam the door". Good luck with the house selling!