Monday, June 25, 2012

she deserved it too

 Well, she went and did it. My baby turned five against my express wishes. I had to punish her by subjecting her to the most awesome My Little Pony party ever imagined. Little punk deserved it too. The nerve. Five years old. Pshaw.

First, they decorated some hats, like Rarity. (if you don't recognize some names in this post, let me save you a google search...they are ponies. Or, if you live in this house, the subjects of countless conversations, drawings, and playtimes.)
Then they played an apple-picking game, like Applejack. And yes, I am quite proud of that masterpiece of a tree. Thanks for noticing. (oh yeah, I'm proud of the masterpiece of a five year old in the photo too).

 Later there was cupcake decorating at Pinkie Pie's bakery, aka Sugar Cube Corner. Cupcake boxes were provided for the towering concoctions of cupcake and frosting that were erected. We wanted to make sure the kids could take those home and devour them in front of their horrified mothers.

 Oh, so...these are out of order. Oh well.
 He's cute. He just sort of wondered around and tried to swipe cupcakes and sticker-encrusted visors. It was a really great day in his life.
 Maddy's finished product. Personally I don't think there's much color or excitement going on. When I decorate a visor, I REALLY go for it. It needs at least twelve times the bedazzling. But she's only five. She'll get it.

 Then we did some "magic." This was to celebrate Twilight Sparkle, who is a magical unicorn. Of course. Thanks to pinterest for this amazingly cheap and attention-grabbing project. Also, many thanks to Dollar Tree for the six boxes of baking soda that I bought for fifty cents a piece. (not to mention the fabulous aluminum cake tin things).
 This is a very underwhelming photo of the magic of baking soda and vinegar. I apologize.
 Yes, I did in fact make these poor children don chef hats. When you work in my kitchen, you better be prepared to act like my personal chef. These kids did pretty good.

 Mostly they were just cute. And mostly...I got the hats because it was either spend five bucks more on them and get free shipping, or just pay for shipping. Obviously the hats had to be bought.
And finally, the moment we have all been waiting for....the annual ghetto fabulous birthday cake. Eat your heart out Ace of Cakes. (At least we spelled Birthday right this year....).

Happy birthday to my amazing, hilarious, spunky, tomboy-ish, high energy, adorable, sweet, bright-eyed, and empathetic little Madeline. What would my life be like without my little sidekick? It would be quieter, drabber, and far less fun. I love that girl with all of my heart. I love her enough to embarrass myself willingly several years in a row trying to make her birthday cakes  match her very detailed descriptions. xoxo mwah sweet pea!


Kurt & Rachel Keyser said...

Thanks for the ideas! Ponies are pretty big in our house too. If they are still important come November I will be referencing this post. :)

luvnmy10 said...

What a fun party idea! How can Maddy be 5!?

Kelly said...

Okay so I am beyond impressed!!! How come I wasn't invited! You know that I was taught my the visor queen! aka MOM!!! lol. Oh its a good thing I think I am funny even though no one else does! But seriously this party was awesome!!! Makes me wish I did awesome parties too! I can't believe she is 5!!! That is crazy!! I still remember seeing that munchkin in the hospital and falling in love with her! So glad she is in our family! Happy Birthday again Maddy!

Kellie said...

Natalie had so much fun at the party! Love the pictures too.

RaeLynn said...

Where did you buy those hats? Must...have...those. And don't worry, it's Cake Boss you should really fear. What ever happened to Ace of Cakes? It's sad, I tell you. He was must less annoying. And I miss his laugh. But seriously--where did you get those chef hats? :)

RaeLynn said...

I swear I saw Duff on something at the grocery store lately...

Emily Foley said...

Now THAT is a girl party. Wow!