Monday, June 25, 2012

two posts, one night. glory hallelujah

Actually, this will probably count as a .532 of a real post. I just had to mention the fact that a few weeks ago I saw a flashing light, like a police strobe light, at night in our quiet cul-de-sac and glanced out the dark window. What I saw astonished me. There was a white truck spraying something smokey out of the back. I called John over and we stared as it slowly went around the street.

We both looked at each other and started coming up with outlandish reasons that the government was spraying us with chemicals....things ranging from keeping the aliens from attack mode to mind control. We had a great time and laughed a good while.

Of course we really knew that they were probably spraying for the mosquitoes around here, but it was just one more reason to love that guy.   Or how about the time some hillbilly music came on to our Itunes unexpectedly and we square danced with the kids and laughed our guts out trying to show Maddy what a "dosi do" was. We are quite a pair. I am sure the rest of the single world truly mourned when we were both taken off the market.

But in spite of all the quirkinesses--no, because of them-- I love us.

(of course....that's probably the mind-control smoke talking).


luvnmy10 said...

We get sprayed too, probably is something weird like that, you never know what Washington is up to these days!

Missy said...

Growing up in delta we had that too. We also had airplanes crop dusting. The life In a small town!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the good laugh with sharing!!!

RaeLynn said...

Ahh, I needed a good belly laugh :) Thanks for sharing!

Emily Foley said...

Friend, you are FUNNY. This cracked me up!