Thursday, July 12, 2012

all the news that's fit to print

These series of photos make me smile. It seems so rare when the two of them figure out a game to play together that doesn't include Maddy stealing something from Grant and then Grant chasing her and screaming.

Who knew cabinets were so much fun?

I recently decided that I need to have a signature dish. You know how we all know someone that makes something amazing---like there's always a lady at church that makes the best cinnamon rolls or whatever. Well I decided that I want to be known as The Pie Lady. That's my new goal in life. I set the bar high people. This pie was the first of many (well...probably not, I have a short attention span), but I was trying to recreate a pie I had a year ago when my brother Bryan came and visited. We had a delicious lemon crumb pie from the grocery store. They have never sold it since, and so I decided to look up a recipe. It turned out pretty good, but the grocery store pie was better. And...we all know that the amish are the true masters of making pies. So...I should probably quit while I'm not ahead.
He wanted to get into the bath with Maddy, but I was only willing to dry off one child. So sorry buddy.

Note to self, instant cream of wheat tastes nothing like normal cream of wheat. It does, however, congeal exactly like normal cream of wheat and stick to your dishes with astonishing ferocity.
the good thing about having a house for sell is that you can justify buying fresh flowers on a regular basis. this is the only good thing about selling a house. in case you were wondering.

I have a thing for cute pajamas for my kids. I don't know why this is, because when I was a kid we seemed to mostly want to wear my parents t-shirts, or our old clothes. But I love getting my kids cute p.j.s
I don't like spending a lot of money on pajamas though.So I buy everything at our local version of kid to kid. I love that place. I can handle a few bucks for a pair of jammies. And they are way nicer things that I would buy my kids usually. So it's a win-win.
So. This photo brings up a whole slew of things. John's bday was a few days ago and it was an interesting day. We showed up at his work with a balloon (yes a solitary balloon, the grocery store is out of helium, and apparently pretty soon everyone will be out of helium, which is crazy to me, shouldn't we be saving it for something more important than...balloons??) and a snack and his favorite diet coke.
His lobby had these awesome koi fish and they were going sort of crazy when we came near, and actually swarmed towards us with their mouths out of the water gaping open. It sort of freaked me out actually ha!

And here is Grant, wanting to jump in with the fishes.

Well anyway, on the way home I blew out a tire just as I was getting off the freeway, and it was a scary experience. I barely made it to the end of the narrow exit and then saw a police officer and rolled down my window and motioned to him, pleading for help. He looked at me and simply shrugged his shoulders and drove away. It made me SO mad.  I seriously couldn't believe it. Anyway, many other things happened that day, and they are too long and tiring to write about, but suffice it to say John came and saved us and by the end of the day we were all glad it was over. Poor John, what a stinky birthday.
Speaking of stinky....I know, it's a picture of a baby's bum. But it cracked me up that he was sleeping with it up in the air like that.

He must have fallen asleep while praying. Happens to me allllll the time.

Making shrinky dinks. I didn't just make that word up. Those are real things. Crazy I know.

best photo of 2012. love this one so darn much
it still makes me laugh to see this kid covered in his food like this.

oh yeah, and we did sparklers and fireworks for the fourth. we're so original.
this little guy did NOT like fireworks. He was freaking out so much that we had to take him inside and put him to bed, which worked out great, because the mosquito came out en mass after that anyway. It's sort of funny, because when Maddy was a baby, we expected her to be scared by fireworks, and she loved them. And the opposite happened with Grant. You just never know with kids. That's the moral of that there story.

I also love this photo. Look at that fuzzy baby hair. It actually curls quite a bit at the bottom and makes him look look cute from the back, and like he has a mullet from the front. I love how the cat is peeking out too. what are they watching you ask?
Granty's favorite person working with power tools, freshening up our deck. He did a great job.

And honestly, I fully intended to write another blog post about the real state of events, but I am just too tired. I'm sorry friends, it has been hectic and exhausting around here, and this is as good as I could do. I know you understand.


Melanie and Jared said...

I can't believe that cop! How frustrating! Too bad you can't report him! I love that pic of grant sleeping too

luvnmy10 said...

I love this post, the pictures are great, kids adorable, life is like most, ups and downs -daily! You guys are great! Totally agree about the cream of wheat-why oes that stuff turn to concrete!!

Missy said...

Cute, cute pictures! Sad about John's bday. What a lame cop! The 2 times I've had a flat tire a random stranger pulled over to help. Thank goodness! So where did you get that marble track? I want one for my kids! I loved those things when I was a kid.:)

Mellifluous Mommy said...

Hey! We did shrinky dinks too this week. I have loved them ever since I was in Kindergarten and had a great set of Rainbow Brite shrinky dinks. Ahh...the good old toys of the 80's!

Very fun post! The girls liked getting to see pics of Maddy. And let us know if you ever recreate that lemon pie: we'll come visit just for that. :D

Kellie said...

Your kids are so cute! The koi were hoping you would feed them...they are crazy fish, if you were throwing them food they would be jumping on top of each other.