Tuesday, July 3, 2012

presenting: the life and times of us via bad cell phone pics

I bet the post title just MADE you want to click over and see these amazing pictures. these staged to perfection, lighted just right, making you think my life is awesome pictures! or something....
so round one of The Perfect Life (that's what I'm titling this series of photos) are my pink-faced children. Our A/C, as many of you know, has been the bane of our existence since we moved into this house. We are on what is supposed to be the great final fix of all fixes. It happened yesterday, one of the hottest days of recent history. We would have left, but the a/c guy assured me that the a/c would not be turned off long. He lied. By the time I realized how hot it was going to be, I had managed to get my baby to take a late nap on my bed (because access to the attic is in the Bubs room, of course!). Oh man. Yesterday was not our finest hour (see Maddy's face above for the general outlook of the troops)
poor pink-faced baby. on his sister's pink blanket
in good news, we framed out our mirrors. in the olden days, I would have staged this photo, taken pictures with my awesome DSLR, photoshopped it for that perfect glint of lighting. nowadays I take a cell phone pic at night and call it a done deal. my how the mighty have fallen (off their high horses)
One realtor commented that I had too much brown/neutral going on in the front room. So I decided to add some red and blue because I found the amazing blue rug
yes, this one, for twenty dollars. I heard the angels sing. It was from Lowe's, for any fellow cheapskates out there.
oh and we went to Charlotte and visited the children's museum (well John and the kids did, I visited with a real estate agent and looked at neighborhoods and then got really carsick for the first time since I was six and had to have her drive me back. embarassing.) then we got lunch and Maddy's lunch came in a boat plate and that impressed me enough to click a picture.
his cute little face also impressed me

another day we were so bored that I resorted to feeding my kids grapes by serving them on a tiny my little pony tea cart. actually, this made me a hero in the eyes of my activity deprived children. they thought it was hilarious.

what you see in this picture is Maddy learning to jump rope. all on her lonesome. well....I coached a bit, from my comfortable perch on my bed. I'm a real hands on sort of mom you see.

and we got some swim certificate, which was thrilling as you might imagine
well thrilling for some of us

some of us have become super stubborn and want to feed ourselves. this necessitates many more baths than previously. but...it is sort of cute.
packed up a bunch of furniture and rearranged the front room AGAIN because people just didn't get what that room was used for. so we made it into
a really blurry library.
not sure what's going on here. I think they are having a wand duel. not sure who is winning.
Maddy gave her first talk in church. i sneaked my camera in and took this photo james bond style. which was awesome and daring of me.
And then this one time, John was all glamorous and cleaned off our fan blades with a pillow case because martha stewart told us too. it worked pretty well I might add.
and my sister saw my post where I said I really wished I had this bucket and she made my wildest dreams come true. sisters are awesome like that. although she probably should have kept it herself because she is actually having people over for the fourth of july, and I am buying Buy One Get One Free hotdogs and calling it a wrap.
I loved his toes peeking out of his jammies. I'm a ghetto mom like that.
I like to take pictures of random cars that amuse me sometimes. A truck full o' watermelons. There's something I haven't seen since my days in Central America.
and then one day Mads and I went to a waterpark, just the two of us, and it was actually one of the best days I have had in a really long time. seriously, it was. who would have thunk?

i dunno?
you thought I was kidding about taking pictures of other cars right? you thought I just did it once? no no, this car has a piece of wood screwed onto the back of a very cloudy rear windshield. classy with a capital K.
speaking of classy, do you like our light fixture?
I found it like this one day. I was really glad no one was underneath when it happened (or the two other times afterwards that it happened again!). Really glad no one was doing a walk through with their realtor. Of course, maybe it would have been like the cartoons when you get bonked in the head with something and a light bulb goes on...and you realize you want to buy this amazing house Eureka!

you want cucumber now, don't you?

I am willing to give hair tips at any time. Just call 1-800-whydoipostphotoslikethisofmyself
this lego sculpture seems to somehow express how I have been feeling about possibly moving and selling our house. maddy is ahead of her time.

but seriously, doesn't he have the best lips? I don't know, I just think he is adorable.

latest addiction. can't.get.enough.

the staging of our pitiful deck. sit and stay awhile! (LIKE FOREVER)
and then we went through the carwash, hoping it would be a fun and relaxing experience for the children
G-money just didn't get the memo. He felt his inalienable rights as a human were being violated by this car wash thing.

But then he was happy. in the best racoon pajamas ever invented.

the end. (this random post seemed like a good idea at the beginning, but I'm starting to think you guys might be too jealous of my super cute and perfect life. I'm sorry you don't have awesome perfect days like us all of the time. It must really be hard to be you, and not us.)  wink


Melanie and Jared said...

I was just thinking, how can I make my life more picture perfect. Now I know i should break the AC on a hot day and keep the kids in the house. Thanks for the great idea!

maugers said...

oh, poor sad little car wash picture! And I love how you said "sit and stay for a while (like forever)" ... I'm paraphrasing :) Thanks for the laugh this morning!

Emily Foley said...

Awesome rug! What a good find, I love it.

Zoe HATES car washes. They seriously freak her out. The first time I did it she was fine but the boys were back there with her, and the next time I went she was in the back all alone and it was bad. Poor thing.

I can't believe your kid is in footy pajamas in the summer. Doesn't he die of heat stroke? My kids are hot sleepers so they stop wearing footy pajamas pretty early on though.

Kelly said...

I love the Raccoon jammies! Seriously so cute on him!!! I like your real life, life! I too wonder why I put pictures of myself that could be used against me in kids court. lol. I know you don't think I am funny, but at least I do! So the post was really enjoyable to read! Thanks for the laughs and just making me feel like part of your day! I loved the tea cart with a grape on it! I need to take pictures of the things that make me laugh and smile. Although I feel that never happens! lol. I can't capture my awesome jokes in a picture=) I am glad you had John clean the fan with the pillowcase! I have to admit what made me laugh at the picture was that he had on headphones. Not sure why, but maybe because since they are white, I feel that he should have some bling on too!

Jodi & Chris Reeve said...

So how is the house situation going?

Lori said...

I love San Pelligrino too. When it's on sale at coscto we always get some. They need to have it on sale again soon! Grant is such a cutie. I bet it would be super funny to watch him and Jake interact. And I'm kind of jealous of Maddy and all that swimming. I wish I could go swimming during the day without a care in the world! Childhood is so nice :)

Loved all the pics. Your blog posts always brighten the day up!

RaeLynn said...

You. Are. Freaking. Hilarious. I don't even know what to say...it's all so, so good. The commentary, the pictures. Loved it all. I totally have a pic of Cole sleeping with his bum in the air. I must find it to show you. .they're twins. And the pic of Grant (and the very fact that you called him G-Money) was hysterical. Am I evil for laughing that it scared him?