Friday, August 31, 2012

Better than I thought

I made it through her first day, and we are even on to her second day today. The thing I didn't count on was how very excited Maddy was going to be. Her happiness and enthusiasm was so fun and catching that I didn't hardly have a chance to feel sad (until I got home by myself and turned on some music and a sorta nostalgic tune came on my music station and then I started getting misty). I would have let myself cry, but I was afraid that once I started I wouldn't stop, so...I tried hard not to start. :)
We started the day off with a good breakfast. Excuse Maddy's state of undress. She was so excited in the morning that she put her school clothes on before eating breakfast and I wanted her to have a clean shirt for school. Yep, I am that sort of Mom. awesome

Then we twisted her hair around and made up our own fancy hairstyle.

Then it was time for some photos in front of the door, this time with a shirt on. :)

Then I walked her into her classroom and her super nice teacher showed her where her cubby was and walked her through all of the steps of things to do when she comes into school in the morning. Maddy was paying very close attention. Cutest thing of the morning was that Maddy insisted on taking an apple for her teacher. I don't know how she even heard of that, but it made me laugh. The teacher found the apple in her backpack and asked if it was Maddy's snack (they have us pack snacks and a lunch for the kids) and Maddy felt too shy, so I said that Maddy wanted to give it to her on the first day. It was so cute because her teacher looked so happily surprised and said that no one had ever given her an apple before. It was cute.

Then I made her pose with a picture with her kid brother, even though she mostly wanted him gone. :) Grant kept trying to pull out the small chair next to her and stay. He was NOT happy with me when I drug him out of that room. As we were leaving he said a new word, "Skooooolll!" (imagine it said in a loud piercing cry as your mean mother drags you out). Pretty funny.

Maddy got right to work when her teacher gave her an assignment. She took it very seriously and basically ignored me from this point on. She was a woman on a mission. It was cute, and I was so happy she was so excited, but of course my little mom heart was a little sad.

Her teacher probably thought I was nuts that I took a photo as I left, was my last glance. She's lucky I wasn't blubbering at this point.    

Then I took this little guy home and we sorta stared at each other and said, Huh, what now? So I tried to teach him to do some housework. My Mom called him Cinderfella. Has a nice ring to it.

And then before I knew it (ok actually the day was dragging by ha) we went back to pick her up. Note to self, Carpool line is the worst. We were too late registering to get on the school bus at the beginning, but I am starting to consider doing the bus. Not sure yet. Anyway, they have this weird thing in NC where all of the schools have these giant rocks out front. You can pay money to rent the rock and paint it anyway you want. Apparently most people get them for their kids birthdays. Sorta strange if you ask me.
I was bored, so I took a bunch of photos during carpool.

He was bored so he sucked on a dum dum. Thank goodness I had one. I need to find another one for today's ride.

Then we came home and ate some homemade cookies, because I wanted to be that sweet mom that makes cookies for an afterschool snack every now and again. I remember my Mom doing that occasionally for us, and it always made me feel so cozy and happy when I got home. And if there is one thing I am realizing about being a mom is that even if you don't feel like you're naturally a good mom, you can make little choices like that to make yourself into the mom that you want. And even if you feel like you're faking it until you make it, all your kids will remember is the making it part, not the faking it. :)


jane said...

I love your post and the pix! Maddy's classroom looks fabulous!
(speaking as a former K teacher.)

Looks to me like you're the mom who has already made it--You havea great relationship with your kids!

Wishing Maddy (and you and Grant and John) a great year!

love and hugs

Emily Foley said...

Hurray for Maddy! That is so great.

I also hate the pick-up line. We're doing the bus on the way home this year,but it licks up at 7 am (school starts at 7:45). No thank you.

I always take pictures at school, I'm sure teachers are used to it now. I love the apple! Also, my kids are that way too. They need me until the moment they're in the door, and then they grow up. Sad. And Zoe and I did that same look at each other thing, not sure what to do alone. It's still weird, 3 weeks later.

Lori said...

I have to tell you that I read this post on my phone, which doesn't let me comment and I loved it so much that I dragged myself to the computer...

That story about her and the apple. Melts my heart adorable! She is such a sweet little girl! And I love Grants orange hoodie sweater. Your kids are pretty darn cute.

And I am impressed by how fast you got your house all set up. I find myself thinking once again that I wish you lived just down the street from me cause I think we could have some fun together!

My Mom told me she just had a fun time visiting with your Mom by the way :)

Emily Foley said...

Um, PICKS up, not licks. Ugh.