Tuesday, September 11, 2012

count your victories name them one by one

lest you think this blog is dissolving into depressing spirals downward into self pity, I bring you today's edition of "things that went awesome."

1.  I managed to take a bath while Grant was awake. This means that I was able to go to Maddy's bus stop without wearing a hat to cover my bedhead/misshapen hair.

2. I discovered that the mall close to us has the following awesome stores: a Disney Store, a Lego store, a store devoted entirely go-karting, and a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Remember that one time that I was so obsessed with their apple pie caramel apples? Me too. I plan to remember it often.

3. Grant really loves to walk with me to take Maddy to the bus stop and pick her up again. And the funny thing is that I really love it too. I'm sort of a hermit when it comes to going outside, but I really love the little walk and the fresh air, and the fact that Grant calls out "Cat!" every two minutes and points towards peoples' yards. I have yet to actually see any cat when he does this. But it's kind of a fun game.

4. John bravely asked (without me asking him to do it!) someone in the local primary presidency (the people over the children's classes in church) who they recommended for babysitting. She graciously gave us a list, and John called around (again without my asking) and to try and find someone so we could both go to Maddy's Back to School Night. The story gets better (see below)

5. One of the mother's of one of the aforementioned babysitters he left messages with, felt bad because she knew we were not likely to find someone because Tuesday is youth night (mutual). She called back and asked if she could babysit with her 12 year old daughter and use it as a chance to get to know us better and to teach her daughter how to babysit. How cute and nice and generous is that? I count that as a victory to the church ward! See, I am not toooooo stingy.

6. Maddy's kindergarten teacher is adorable. And she apologized profusely even though it turns out it was the gym teacher's fault that Maddy was put on the wrong bus.

7. I'll have to tell you about the bus drama another day. Let's just count it a victory that Maddy was not lost or kidnapped or any of the other horrible things that could have happened because they put her on the wrong bus (!!!)

Seven victories. I call it good.


Tara, Doug, Isaac, and Lucy said...

I have loved catching up on your blog. Thanks for explaining the move. It sounds like you and I have been thinking about a lot of the same things: new kindergartners, busses (Isaac loves his!. . . but he was never put on the wrong bus!) and finances. I think you are marvelous and I wish you were here for play groups and book clubs and fun.

Melanie and Jared said...

What a sweet husband, and the bus situation is very alarming.

jane said...

John did awesome! So did Jenn! ask John to tell you about the day I dropped Joseph for Kindergarten in Cherrybrook--when there wasn't any school that day! Welcome to the panic of motherhood and misplaced children!

I am sooooo happy to hear you are getting connected to good and welcoming people. It may take you a lot less than a year to settle in to this place! hmmmm--maybe you should think about unpacking those boxes in the garage?

The pix are absolutely wonderful! Can't wait to see all of you in person!!

love and hugs

Emily Foley said...

What a terrific husband, and what a terrific lady in your ward. That is sooo nice of her!

Your mall--I covet. We have 14 shoe stores and a bar in our "mall".

luvnmy10 said...

Great post, and I love the pictures!

maugers said...

Great! I especially love the fact that that sweet mother wanted to babysit with her daughter! All for back to school night no less! I was a little angry when I found out that kids aren't invited to back to school nights. I also really enjoy the walk to the bus stop each day, and I love that he yells out 'cat' sporadically :)

Kelly said...

Very very nice post and pictures!!

Kelly said...

It's me your mom and not Kelly! I don't know why my posts say Kelly!