Monday, September 17, 2012

I only made it half of a day until I gave up

 I thought it would be really awesome to document all of the reasons why I cannot get anything done during the day with Grant. Turns out it was hard to even take pictures for a whole day, he wore me out of even doing that about halfway through. He is a big ball of energy, curiousity, and danger. So I present [half] A Day in the Life of Grant S. First up, he "helps" lots. Such as helping unload the dishwasher.
 I really need to lighten this photo, it is really cute. Anyway, he goes down the slide, needing help quite often. He somehow manages to plop him bum off the edge of the slide when he climbs up and has fallen flat on his back a few times. So he gets nervous and Mom has to be right there to help
 He brings blankets to my lap and snuggles his face into them
 He enlists the help of older sisters for the slide too
 and thereby put his life into her sorta incapable ones. he lives life on the edge
 I give him leg rides
 he feels that his life is unfairly managed
 which it probably is
 his sister teases him
 this teasing alternately amuses and exasperates his little soul
 he "helps" again. mostly by putting dirty laundry into the dryer while I'm trying to load wet clothes into the dryer at the same time.
 He eats some peaches
 and some mac and cheese. also, he usually gets two versions of breakfast because he will refuse to eat his first one and then I'll try again later and he'll eat it. I should just give the kid time to wake up, but sometimes I need to run errands and I need him to eat otherwise I know he will be a miserable crank in the store. this never works out in my favor. sigh
 then we read lots of books

 more play time
I try and figure out our insurance and need to make ONE call. Decide I can't put it off. The following chaos ensues while on the phone:

 (not pictured, the clean clothes strewn in a path all around the house)
 a random box of potato buds pulled out of the pantry

 cries for me to put on his shoes because he wants to go pick up Maddy from the bus stop
 takes matters into his own hands

 realizes mom forgot to put up the gate on the stairs (which he can get up and down safely, I just don't want him to go up and down by himself)
 Tries to help me pick up dirty clothes to wash. this includes my leather belt. (these pictures are backwards in chronology in case you were getting confused).
 dumps cheerios into a milky puddle. shares wet cheerios by tossing them on the floor and in my general direction

Tries to look innocent.

So there you go, half a day, backwards. It's funny, I was talking to my friend about this experiment. I told her, you know, people ask what I did this morning and I say, "well I got my kids up and got them ready and fed them breakfast." It sounds SO simple! but what it doesn't show is the two versions of breakfast I have to make for one child, and the fight to get the other child who is going to school to eat anything at all, the lunches we pack the night before, the shedding of cheerio encrusted pajamas, the clean up of the cheerio floor, the dishes, the walk to the bus stop, the walk back with a highly resistant toddler who walks really slow and doesn't want to hold your hand or be held. It doesn't show the time spent finding socks and shoes--trying to get them on small, always in motion feet, the changing of diapers, the brushing of teeth, the de-tangling of hair and getting the bows and hairspray to make sure the kindergartner looks cute. the agendas for school filled out with reading time, the lunchboxes and snacks, the crying, the bathroom breaks.

so when a mom tells you she "just" did anything, you can pretty much know that she is basically running the equivalent of a small country in her own home just to get "simple" things done. bless us, one and all, that is all I can say. I will also add that it is good work, and I'm lucky to have it. But heaven help us all the same. :)


BexxT said...

I laughed like crazy at the "helping" comments. Kings "helps" too. He enjoys closing everything- so he closes the dryer, closes the pantry, closes the drawers, cupboards, boxes... and I think his preference for closing is if one of your bodily appendages is still in said storage unit. This morning he got daddy's foot in the pantry- slammed it right on Adam. I nearly snorted out my OJ. I saw it coming but I was too far away to run interference. He also nearly got my fingers in the silverware drawer. But I, unlike Adam, am on the lookout for his devious and horrible ways.

There is also laundry all over the house because of his helping. He grabs it out of whatever it is currently stored in and ends up... well everywhere. Unfortunate when we have guests staying with us and it is my unmentionables. Oh well, life with a crazy toddler.

jane said...

I am totally impressed that you get lunches done the previous night, and that you get any brekkie down them at all! Looks to me like you got a full day packed into the first hour of the morning!
G & I will need a heart to heart about riding horses, so he will never be frightened again. Love the carnival action!--that was at the mall?? We never had a mall like that!
Hope Maddy doesn't think my fashions--or lack therof--are worse than the cape thing!

Missy said...

I just know Easton is going to run circles around me when he finally starts walking. So much to look forward to!

Emily Foley said...

We should really get our youngest children together and then let them destroy the house together. It would take about 13.4 seconds with the two of them together. Monsters, I tell you. I love your final paragraph, too. "What did you do today?" I just watched Zoe while trying to make a few phone calls, go visiting teaching, fix dinner, and do homework. Argh. Just.

maugers said...

That was cute, he's a busy busy boy. And I LOVE MAddy's comment about you being a "old woman with no money" :) THat is priceless. I'm sad you didn't get a picture of Allison and her kids (husband too I guess, although I really want to see her kids :) It's awesome that you get to be close to old roomies. Great pictures!

RaeLynn said...

This looks vaguely familiar of another young boy named Cole...I feel ya hermana!

Lori said...

Man, Him and Jake would be buds. Or at least they'd stare at each other and think the other one is a baby. Ha. Grant is too cute.